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Obama protester's rifle part of 'publicity stunt'


The protester carrying an AR-15 rifle outside President Barack Obama's speech in Phoenix on Monday staged the "publicity stunt" with the help of two local Libertarian groups that have worked with the man on Ron Paul's presidential campaign.

Before attending a pro-Obama health-care reform rally outside the Phoenix Convention Center , the man who identified himself as "Chris" met with members of RP4409 and Freedom's Phoenix. That's according to Freedom's Phoenix Publisher Ernest Hancock, who is credited with coining and designing the logo for the "Ron Paul r3VOLution."     

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Comment by Barry Hess
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So, the novelty president's 'stunt' (showing up where he's not wanted....with bus loads of fake, hired supporters) to drum up support for his misguided attempt to take control of every person's body, is somehow 'special' or different than an average Citizen making a visual point of his being prepared to defend his body from "the novelty-in-chief's" aggression?  

Comment by Found Zero
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Man you guys are getting some exposure out of this. This is the biggest media score since the campaign.

Reading the comments on AZCentral, I'm reminded that Phoenix (the Valley) is a political island in AZ. The rest of the state feels quite differently from the Phoenix liberals.

I've said it before and I'm saying it again. AZ's biggest problem is CA. Screw the border wall with Mexico, WE NEED A WALL BETWEEN US AND CALIFORNIA.