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Wyoming Governor Calls for 10th Amendment Resolution

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Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal today transmitted the following memorandum and proposed resolution on state sovereignty to the Wyoming Legislature’s Management Council. As you know, individual states have been adopting Sovereignty Resolutions over the past few years. Such resolutions have been considered by the Wyoming Legislature over the years as well. Representative Illoway is working on one for this session.

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Comment by PureTrust
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On the outside, this might sound good. But when you look at it a little more closely, it looks like all the rest of them - Something without any strength at all, legally. Here's why. 

The first line of the draft: "A JOINT RESOLUTION requesting Congress to cease and desist from enacting mandates that are beyond the scope of the enumerated powers granted to Congress by the Constitution of the United States." 

Notice the words "requesting Congress." The word "requesting" suggests dependence of the one doing the requesting, on the one to whom the request is directed. In other words, Wyoming is merely "asking" the U.S. Government to do something. And the request is right in the beginning of the draft! 

People request things from Government all day every day, and mostly don't get what they ask for. If Wyoming had any power at all, they would be demanding... not request-begging. And it's the same for all the states making these kinds of requests.  

More than likely, the state governments are being pushed by their state citizens to do something. When they do things like this, most of the citizenry think, "Oh boy. My state government is DOING SOMETHING. they are the best. I love them." And the potential uprising will be quelled without violence, soon to be forgotten about in the daily operation of things. 

Does your state have strength? Is all this pussyfooting around something that your state is doing just to see how the people feel about the whole thing? If 100% of the people said, "Secede," does your state have the authority to do it? 

Wake up! This does nothing, or at best, extremely little. And it may be intentionally designed to do just that.