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The Tenth Amendment is vital to protecting our liberties

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Recently many states have been passing resolutions affirming their rights and sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. With this in mind I thought it important to review the meaning and intent of this amendment and how it has come to be interpreted over time. The Tenth Amendment guaranties sovereignty to the individual states. It is important o remember each state was a sovereign political entity, which voluntarily entered a compact, the Constitution. By doing so, the states decided to give up some sovereignty in order to achieve certain goals. More....

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Comment by Eldon Warman
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Obviously, Americans do not realize that the Civil War was a scheme by the Vatican (Pontiff and his secular Holy Roman Empire) to convert the USA Republic into a fully fascist corporate State of the Holy Roman Empire. The war served 2 purposes -  to make the formerly sovereign States into sub-corporate State under the ownership of the corporate UNITED STATES by way of bankruptcy debtor or by prize of war. This nullified the 10th Amendment, and made the US Constitution into a corporate constitution, subject to being disregarded by the President under the notwithstanding feature of maritime law - the captain may disregard any rules when he deems it necessary for the good of the ship - with all corporations being a 'make-believe ship at sea'. Both Bush and Obama understand this all too well. The 10th Amendment was nullified by the fact that both States and the American people became the property of the UNITED STATES. Administration of property rights and tort action arising out of that property right trumps Constitution or Statutory law.

Secondly, the second entry (first being in 1789) into 70 year international bankruptcy by the USA Republic also required the payment of gold to the Pontiff's banks in the City of London. The only source of mined gold in the USA in 1859 was the cotton plantation owners. The rest is history.

The next international bankruptcy re-entry period was in 1929. Most know about the robbery of gold from the American people in the 1930's. Then, the next was 1999, where the demand was for ownership by the Vatican for the 'black Gold' of the Middle East that was under Moslem ownership. And, since Columbia (DC) was  assigned to be the Roman War Capitol for the Vatican, as signified by the 'Persephone, the Queen of Hell' mounted on top of the US Capitol bldg. and the statute of Mars, the Roman god of war inside that Capitol bldg.,  the assignment was given to take the oil from Iraq, Iran and
the  Caspean Sea area.



Comment by Powell Gammill
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Someone said something to me at the FreedmFest/C4L in Vegas, and shamefully I cannot remember who did for credit.  But IMHO it was brilliant.  They said, "The Soviet Union had a nice Constitution too."  Yes they did.  And it offered its citizens exactly as much protection from government force as ours does.  Now you know why I spell it CONstitution.

Comment by FreeDomMonkey
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 10th Amendment vital to protecting our liberties?  It ain't worked very well yet. 

Comment by Brock
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"The Tenth Amendment is the coup de gras, stating anything not mentioned previously, is reserved specifically to the states, and their citizens."

No.  There is no mention of "specifically", "exclusively", "expressly" or anything of the sort.

In fact, that language was specifically excluded.

300 million constitutional scholars and not a darn one of them knows what is written on four pieces of paper or what it means.  And, yet, it supposedly has something to do with me?

Give me a break.