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The first Europeans were cannibals with a taste for kids

• Daily Telegraph

The claim has come after bones of the ancestors of Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens who first settled in Europe around 800,000 years ago were unearthed in the Atapuerca caves in northern Spain.

A study of the prehistoric remains has revealed that human flesh formed part of the diet of early man and children and adolescents in particular were regularly killed and eaten.


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Comment by CharS
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This strikes me as the most absurd and morbid rubbish. How could there be any "evidence" to this effect??

Journalists are fast running out of credibility in this  age of  lies and "agendas", and will, if they continue,  soon be totally ignored - a fate they would richly deserve. 

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Good catch! 

Comment by Neal Carr
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Seems to me that the time line is off (800K yrs), and if the time line is off, what else is off.  Evolution, after all, is 'theory'.