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IPFS News Link • 911 / World Trade Center

A Letter for your Local Fire Station

First—a common sense test: You’re dispatched to a house fire in a 2 story with a basement (not balloon construction as pictured). Upon arrival, all 3 floors are well involved. After extinguishment, the neighbor across the street tells you he saw flashes on all 3 floors within seconds of each other. It turns out the owner has arson convictions on his record. You smell gasoline. Now, should you test the debris for accelerants? No matter what the owner and his friends tell you, wouldn’t you still test it? It’s a ―NO-Brainer‖…isn’t it? NOW, HOW WOULD YOU INVESTIGATE? Look at the facts of the WTC, specifically Tower 7, collapses: 1) Terrorists used explosives on WTC 1 in 1993. 2) Over 118 first responders reported hearing explosions before all 3 collapses, many said it sounded like the ―bang-bang-bang‖ you hear during a demolition. 3) We have video, photographic and audio evidence of explosions after the impact and before collapse. 4) Live news was reporting