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Anarchy Unbound, or: Why Self-Governance Works Better than You Think

• Cato Unbound
No sane person believes that anarchy generates order. The idea that anarchy could be superior to government in some cases seems even more absurd. Everyone from Thomas Hobbes to Adam Smith repeats the claim that societies need government

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Comment by William Patriot
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Well done,!
I have always advocated self governance,if for no other reason than for peace and prosparity.
Only organized governments declare war for their profit and theft of other countries.
This would be avoided by self governance because a peaceful solution would be more in the intrests of both parties without the disruption of their everyday lives, and the distruction and murder that war brings.
No way could a country improve their standard of living if it is destroyed repeatedly through war. Instead they would retain the desire to improve on what they already have, instead of having to start over after repairs.
Also they would avoid any attempt of an unwanted take over by unsavory politicians.
The population would grow, and with wisdom from a new generation,coupled with the old,would continueto prosper within and aid in the same results with those who they trade with.

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