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10-19-18 -- Ernest Hancock @ Trump Rally in Mesa, AZ - Pictures from Rally Loaded - VIDEO LOADED

Ernest Hancock attended the Trump Rally in Mesa, AZ this evening, Friday October 19th, 2018. Pictures from the event are posted as they come in...President Trump ignites crowd at during speech at Make America Great Again Rally in AZ (FULL VIDEO)

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Guests: Ernest Hancock

Well, I went to my first Trump rally.

I'll post more pics and some video by Saturday noon and some video interviews. Going to bed now. After 10 hours of standing in line and talking to "adorable deplorables" I have some insights that will be of interest. Check back :)


OK, I'm up.

My first thought is that the most surprising thing about the Trump rally here in Mesa, Arizona is how little I was surprised.

For three and half years we have had the Trump Report at least once a week on my radio show. In the summer of 2015 Donald Trump made his way down the escalator in his Trump Tower to announce his launch for POTUS. A good friend and Ron Paul supporter inside the Republican Party, Dr. Phranq Tamburri, sent me an email asking me to "not be a hater" and encouraged me to co-host with him a weekly show on my radio show with updates of the Trump campaign. I immediately knew that this would be an excellent platform for Trump supporters to be exposed to the libertarian philosophy that a Trump Administration would be evaluated with. Dr. Phranq had read Donald's book since his father and uncles were in the high rise construction business in Philadelphia and he understood a good portion of the world in which Trump dwells. "The Art of the Deal" written by Trump over 30 years ago provides a window into how he might approach winning the White House and represent the USA as POTUS. These shows are still very popular as they continue to cover the Trump Administration (which I am very critical of,.. Debt, War, Role of Government… "Yes! I'm THAT Libertarian") but I am also interested in the cultural shift I see with my exposure to and conversations with many news makers from a very wide assortment of guests and contacts. It's the 'Cultural Shift' I'm building up to…

The common theme from my perspective would be, "Still Voting?. As an experienced political/liberty activist since the '80s I was consistently motivated to "Uncover the Secrets & Expose the Lies" with the participation of my wife Donna and the help of my four children (that likely have some street activism as many of their first memories).

Dr. Phranq and several other Trump supporters that I could regularly count on to provide on site interviews and commentary, accompanied with photos and video, could not make the event. I called my son to see if he was intending to go. He said that he was and that he would like to take his 9 year old daughter or his 8 year old son. After describing that standing in line for hours was required my grandson declined the opportunity. But my 9 year old granddaughter understood it as a learning opportunity and quality time with her Dad,… & PaPa as a bonus :)

The event was to start at 6:30pm (moved up from 7pm) at a now civilian airport "Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport" that was once Williams Air Force base in the far East Valley 50 miles from my home in the Northwest Valley of the Sun here in the Metro Phoenix area.

To make sure that we would be included as part of the crowd inside the event (overflow would watch the event from TV screens outside the hangar), I arrived before 1pm and got in line. An hour later my son and granddaughter arrived. A gentleman just in front of me had a large "Q" on the back of his shirt and I asked if he would tell me on video what his path to Q and Trump had been…. VIDEO Embedded Below.

"Blacks for Trump" carried signs and were heavily cheered and photographed and the MANY Trump T-shirts and hats being vended were by black men and women. It seemed like they were part of the traveling show that can be expected to supply the crowds at the rallies, I should have asked about this. The Trump rallies are a private part of Trump's continuing campaign for his agenda, reelection and support for Republican Candidates.

There were many young people and children at the event but the average age was surely over 50. My experience with Ron Paul events was an average age of 28-35 years with the teenagers speaking the same language as the 80+ year olds. But a Trump event is different. It's more of a side effect than a clear movement.

Several times as a family we would attend media covered events, court proceedings and we were directly involved in community activism. As a family we would then go home and watch/read the "Lame-Stream Media,… the Media sooo last century" coverage of the event. It's hard not to obtain valuable life lessons about "Fake News" when you experience it regularly from childhood.

One of my sons was motivated to understand just what was happening while enjoying a prosperous career, a happy marriage with 4 healthy bright children and a schedule full of love and extended family,… he needed to know the truth of things.

I don't think Trump represents much more than a vehicle to expose the corruption and violence inherent in a "system" that has been revealed to him in front of his own young eyes. And this system has been clearly a threat to his family's future (Grandpa gets less crazy as the years pass :)

"Q and the Anons" seems to have evolved out of the Wikileaks releases of many documents and emails from The Clinton empire and their associates, and if you are willing to do the research you'll begin to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes into the corruption and depravity of those that wish to control as many humans as possible for their own benefit,… with the promise of representing your interests of course.

A few months ago at a Tampa Trump Rally there were many supporters of "Q's" 'secret' revelations that wore Q shirts and displayed Q signs that Trump seemed to acknowledge from the stage. This was the first main stream media exposure that the phenomenon existed.

I was told by Q supporters that at a Missouri Trump rally the Secret Service would politely take all signs/shirt references to Q as a condition of remaining at the private rallies funded by the Trump campaign (these are private rallies and they set the rules). The Missouri Q supporter reportedly ask the Secret Service agent taking his sign, "is Q real?",… 'you'll find out soon',… whatever that means.

My son brought his oldest daughter, 9yrs old and as intelligent as her parents, to the event. The same sort of exposure he experienced as a child. He explains to his children his experienced opinion about the world as the news plays, laws are past, schools mandate, taxes are paid and lies are told. She hopes to be a writer and practices her craft daily with the support of all of her close and extended family.

My son fashioned a "Q" from one of the Trump signs (pics below) and his daughter held it high for Trump and the crowd to see. No big deal. Several people that knew what it meant were supportive and envious of the creativity. Others would politely ask what the heck is with all of the Q references (there were many examples for them to see while waiting for hours in line).

Within a few minutes a polite Secret Service agent made his way through the crowd and gently took the sign and explained that it wasn't allowed (pic below). My son's experiment was to see if Trump would again acknowledge the gesture by pointing to it as he had done at past rallies. My son was hoping for some validation of the revelations made with this Q-Anon movement. No harm and the experience continued with no recognition by Trump that I saw,… or that he even saw it.

The people that attended this particular rally represents a collection of people that are not represented
via a bull horn in your face on Social Media from the ends of the political spectrum. Social Media has "gamed" their platforms to maximize engagement to produce the most posts, clicks and views. This has devolved into the most extreme positions on any issue being promoted to gain maximum participation on their platforms. But it is becoming obvious to me that the vast majority of people are watching the circus from the sidelines feeling that they are totally ignored and discounted. Then came Trump. His refusal to be labeled by any extreme position on just about anything (for any real length of time) is his greatest appeal to a vast number of people that identify with that sentiment. Oh, and his constant attack on the media is seen as a long overdue necessity.

My concern is that this newly discovered majority of voting Americans haven't the inclination to go as deep as is required to really understand what is the biggest threat to their future liberty and resources. That lack of understanding is replaced with Trust in Trump… mostly because every other information outlet has proven to be untrustworthy.

The education of humanity continues.


FULL RAW: President Trump ignites crowd at during speech at Make America Great Again Rally in AZ:

TRUMP RALLY MESA, AZ - Ernest Hancock attended the Trump Rally in Mesa, AZ this evening, Friday October 19th, 2018. Pictures from the event are posted as they come in...

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October 19th, 2018

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Hour 1

Ernest Hancock attended the Trump Rally in Mesa, AZ this evening, Friday October 19th, 2018. Pictures from the event are posted as they come in...

Event Schedule

Fri, October 19, 2018

Mesa, AZ

06:30 pm (MST)


International Air Response
6250 S Taxiway Circle
Mesa, AZ 85212


Pictures from the event...

This is approx 3:30 pm PST, and the event starts at 6:30 pm:



Doug Ducey AZ Governor (R):


Marine One Helicopter can be heard:




Trump and McSally




Q Sign:



"Ready to flash the Q" :


Q Sign 2:



Secret Service took girl's "Q":

























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