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04-13-16 -- James Corbett - Austin Petersen - Chris Waid -- (VIDEO & MP3s LOADED)

James Corbett (The Corbett Report) provides World News Update, GOP POTUS Circus - Austin Petersen (Libertarian Candidate for POTUS) talks about his campaign - Chris Waid (Founder of ThinkPenguin) provides an update on the Linux-Based Computer/Operati

Hour One

Media Type: Audio • Time: 273 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: James Corbett

Hour 1 -- James Corbett (The Corbett Report) provides World News Update, GOP POTUS Circus

Hour 2 -- Austin Petersen (Libertarian Candidate for POTUS) talks about his campaign

Hour 3 -- Chris Waid (Founder of ThinkPenguin) provides an update on the Linux-Based Computer/Operating System

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April 13th, 2016

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Hour 1

2016-04-13 Hour 1 James Corbett from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

James Corbett

The Corbett Report

Webpage: CorbettReport.Com

James comes on the show to discuss U.S./World  politics/foreign policy, World News Update, GOP POTUS Circus


Latest Video...

Did Palestinians Celebrate 9/11? – Questions For Corbett #029

• 04/13/2016 •

On this special edition of Questions For Corbett James is joined by Corbett Report video editor Broc West to answer your questions on the 28 pages, the Japanese economy, CS Lewis and Shakespeare and much more. Also, we tackle the question of whether the Palestinians were celebrating on 9/11. (Spoiler: they weren't.)

For those with limited bandwidth, CLICK HERE to download a smaller, lower file size version of this episode.

For those interested in audio quality, CLICK HERE for the highest-quality version of this episode (WARNING: very large download).

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Subscriber video with Broc


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Hour Two

Media Type: Audio • Time: 56 Minutes and 53 Secs
Guests: Austin Petersen

Hour 2 -- Austin Petersen (Libertarian Candidate for POTUS) talks about his campaign


Hour 2

2016-04-13 Hour 2 Austin Peterson from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Austin Petersen

Libertarian Candidate for President

 Austin Petersen is a constitutional Libertarian who believes in economic freedom and personal liberty. Petersen's passion for limited government led him to a job at the Libertarian National Committee in 2008, and then eventually to the Atlas Economic Research Foun- dation. After fighting for liberty in our nation's capital, Petersen took a job as an associate producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano's show FreedomWatch on the Fox Business Network. After the show's cancellation, Austin returned to D.C. to work for the Tea Party institution FreedomWorks, and subsequently started his own business venture, Stonegait LLC, and a popular nation- al news magazine The Libertarian Republic.



Taxes & Spending

Reduce economic inequality by lowering barriers to entry in the marketplace, licensing, taxation, and fees. Urge congress to adopt the "Penny Plan," across the board spending cuts of 1% per program. Abolish the existing, complicated tax code that discriminates against the most productive Americans, and replace it with a simple, flat tax at the lowest rate necessary to support the core functions of government. Seek voluntary ways to fund public services where possible, lotteries, tolls, etc.

National Defense & Military

Strengthen national security by reducing/ending foreign aid to nations hostile to the USA. Reconsider overseas troop deployments in areas not important to US national security, and audit the Pentagon. Reform the Veteran's Affairs administration.

The American people have sacrificed enough blood and treasure in the Middle East. No more nation building. Obey the Constitution, and only go to war if it's declared by Congress. Consider constitutional Letters of Marque and Reprisal to deal with terrorists.

Free Trade

Lower barriers to trade with foreign nations, and allow American companies the leeway they need to develop domestic energy production, in order to create good paying jobs at home

Monetary Policy

Audit the Federal Reserve first. End it through competition last. Institute a Monetary Commission devoted to studying the implications of replacing central banking with "Free Banking," and abolishing laws of legal tender. Allow gold and silver to circulate as a currency, removing them from the commodity list, and make precious metal coins free of taxation. Let digital currencies compete against Federal Reserve notes.


Streamline our immigration system by following updated "Ellis Island" styled protocols. Security check. Disease check. Done.

Constitutional Priorities

Work with congress to institute new protocols that will protect national security while placing the balance of weight towards due process and individual rights. Rein in the NSA, and demand accountability in our security agencies so as to protect our 4th Amendment rights.

Crime & Punishment

Reclassify the war on drugs as a medical problem, not a criminal problem. Deschedule all drugs at the federal level and end the federal War on Drugs once and for all.

Reforming Entitlements

Allow young people to opt out of Social Security.

Restoring Health Freedom

Overturn Obamacare. Seek out market alternatives to problems of health and wellness.

Defending Life

Encourage a culture of life, and adoption, and educate Americans about the "consistent pro-life ethic," which also means abolishing the death penalty.

Austin Petersen's philosophy is that of a free market libertarian, in the style of our third President Thomas Jefferson: fiscally conservative, and socially tolerant. Austin will fight to restore limited government values, and help create jobs by lowering barriers to entry into the marketplace.

Meet 2016 Presidential Candidate Austin Petersen:

Hour Three

Media Type: Audio • Time: 158 Minutes and 0 Secs

Hour 3 -- Chris Waid (Founder of ThinkPenguin) provides an update on the Linux-Based Computer/Operating System


Hour 3

2016-04-13 Hour 3 Chris Waid from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Christopher Waid

Christopher Waid, a liberty-lover, is the Founder and CEO of ThinkPenguin, Inc. ThinkPenguin was created out of concern for the lack of privacy and freedom in the tech sphere. At the time of the companies founding there was not a single entity focused on free-software respecting hardware, or providing end-user support for users wanting to use only freedom-respecting software.



Chris's previous interview on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show:

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