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01-08-16 -- Amanda B Johnson - Mark Edge - Scott Horton - Rick Simpson (MP3s & VIDEO LOADED)

Amanda B Johnson (The Daily Decrypt) predictions for 2016 on Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies - Scott Horton (Scott Horton Radio) on the GOP warmongering and predictions for 2016 - Rick Simpson ( on hemp oil to help people with health issues

Hour One

Media Type: Audio • Time: 160 Minutes and 0 Secs

Hour 1 -- Amanda B Johnson (The Daily Decrypt) predictions for 2016 on Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies

Hour 2 -- Scott Horton (Scott Horton Radio) on the GOP warmongering and predictions for 2016

Hour 3 -- Rick Simpson ( on hemp oil to help people with their health issues 

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January 8th, 2016

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

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Hour 1

Amanda B Johnson

Amanda is the host and writer of The Daily Decrypt, a Monday-thru-Friday video series about cryptocurrency and all the groovy ways you can use it.



What Is The Daily Decrypt?


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Hour Two

Media Type: Audio • Time: 53 Minutes and 47 Secs
Guests: Scott Horton

Hour 2 -- Scott Horton (Host of Scott Horton Radio) on Yemen, Syria, and the GOP warmongering


Hour 2

Scott Horton (ScottHorton.Org)


Scott Horton (Scott Horton Radio) on the GOP warmongering and predictions for 2016


Scott's previous interviews on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show:



Hour Three

Media Type: Audio • Time: 51 Minutes and 16 Secs
Guests: Rick Simpson

Hour 3 -- Rick Simpson ( on cannabis oil to help people with their health issues 


Hour 3

Rick Simpson



Rick Simpson is a retired power engineer who worked for 25 years in the medical system in Canada.  After suffering a severe head injury in 1997, he took all the medications that the doctors prescribed, but their side effects did nothing but harm.  So in desperation, he turned to the use of cannabis extracts which he produced himself, and quickly found that he had discovered the greatest natural medicine on earth.  After learning the truth about the amazing healing abilities of these extracts, he then went to everyone in authority to have its use recognized once more, but found that in reality those who control our lives wanted to keep the truth hidden from public view.  Having nowhere else to turn, he then made this knowledge public and since that time countless individuals worldwide have used his information to cure or control illnesses for which our current medical systems have no solution.

Rick Simpson was giving the oil away for free since he was growing plants in his own backyard while he was still in Canada, until 2009, when the Royal Canadian Mounted Police did the final raid at his home. Rick was always talking about THC oil, and not CBD oil. The oil that he was giving away for free had a very high percentage of THC and it also contained low levels of CBD and other cannabinoids.  Today these extracts are usually called RSO or Rick Simpson Oil and it was the previous leader of the hemp movement, Jack Herer, himself who coined this phrase. Since 2013, Rick no longer lives in Canada.

Rick Simpson put up the website back in 2004 and he made the information people need to heal themselves free for all to use at no cost. Rick did not even try to patent the oil or the method he used to produce the oil, because he felt that this is knowledge everyone should have so they could learn how they can deal with their medical problems themselves, in a sensible harmless manner. 




This is the only real Rick Simpson web site.
Make your own oil and be aware of scammers.
We do not supply oil, we are providing information.


The only way to know that you have the real thing, is to produce the proper oil yourself.
There are many criminals who say that they are producing RSO, and who are using Rick's name. Rick Simpson has no connection with these suppliers and he has no involvement with the Phoenix Tears Foundation from the U.S., although there is a link on their web site which leads to his web site and Facebook page.

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