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It Is Wrong To Assume That Rationality Or Political Belief Will Determine The Outcome Of This 2010 M

 The painful experiences of the people under our two political-party system will determine the outcome of this mid-term election.

If the GOP is to win this November election, it is not because of the Republican agenda that the people hated so much but because of the more intense hatred of the American people of Obama and his undoing based on their life-altering experience under his Democratic Party’s administration.

On top of this snowballing abomination towards Obama was his successful campaign to fool the voting American public with his alleged fake birth certificate, and his attempt to hide his identity as a Muslim and as a rabid follower of Islam since his religious childhood upbringing in Indonesia under the name Barry Soetero.

Contrary to many popular assumptions, this mid-term election is not determined by "rationality" or "belief" of the people when they come to the polls to vote. The reason being that the usually busy average American does not really have time to think that "deep" in order to come out with the best option or scenario given the country’s political complexity and volatility that assure the highest degree of uncertainty, especially when to vote is to choose which of the contending political parties is less electable or which of the candidates to elect from is the lesser evil.

On the other hand, ordinary Americans that are politically inclined and have time to spare, apparently exercise a better judgment when they vote. This group of American voters had politically awakened since the first Douglas-Lincoln debate on opposite political dogmas took place in Illinois long time ago, although a great majority of them are still groggy with their cobweb of indifference towards those dime-worth of politicians trying to buy their votes in a dishonest and underhanded way, i.e., black propaganda, lying in public, character assassination or dirty ads saturating the Media and the Internet.

To summarize, "rationality" and age-old "belief" based on party loyalty are NOT THE CONTROLLING DETERMINANTS of the outcome of this November election.

This coming election is rather determined by the degree of how much the people hate the Republican Party or Democratic Party due to their painful experiences.

Widespread disagreement with what President Obama is doing would make any Republican donkey win this mid-term election against him and his political lackeys … even those worse than a donkey run against them blindfolded. If the Republicans will do nothing foolish, and just ride on this anti-Obama hate-wave to gain control of Congress, winning the election is almost in the bag.

But if the Republicans bring their nationally discredited "Contract With America" slogan back in the campaign trail, millions of immigrant voters across the country will bury them alive in a resounding defeat like what happened in 2004 when the angry electorates booted them out of Congress. 

 It is the degree of party-hatred shown by the electorates that determined the outcome of that 2004 election. This 2010 mid-term election is just a repeat of what happened then. The Liberals have been severely publicly ostracized, but the Republicans were even condemned more deep down the black pit of hatred for their animalistic treatment of illegal immigrants and their families born in the United States -- a brutish cop-out to bludgeon American-born citizens.

Here’s what happened when we compare the degree of revulsion against what and how the Democrats and the Republicans had insulted the intelligence of the American public: The Liberals and the radical left, were hated for demonizing our men and women in uniform fighting the war in Iraq, a war they called "illegal". Their protesters in the streets were even picketing the graveyards preventing the burial of our dead soldiers with honor because those marching radical freaks, i.e. the notorious Pink weirdoes and the likes of Cindy Sheehan, claimed that our men and women in uniform died fighting an "illegal" war, or a war that they did not approve, or a war that was not of their choice and therefore when they die do not deserve a decent burial.

Recall that Obama and Hilary Clinton were lead campaigners on this issue. These are topnotch hypocrites because now that these two political acrobats are in power -- actually they can be better viewed as naked political smudge election flash runners or politically obscene Democrat exhibitionists in public -- are no longer calling the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan "illegal" but even begging Congress to fund these wars in some kind of a "kiss-my-ass" overture [excuse my borrowed language from a disgruntled Libertarian observer].

Be this at it may -- picturing the Liberals as repulsive as they could be -- the general public looked down at Republicans as well, as a bunch of more horrifying "monsters" when they were in power with their "Contract With America".

During their heydays while in control of Congress, the Republicans attempted to pass an immigration reform law to CRIMINALIZE the status of some 400,000 undocumented immigrants in the country [John McCain’s figure in the Republican campaign]. This very offensive idea was widely interpreted to mean that because by law undocumented immigrants are declared criminals, they can be hunted down like animals and shot to death if they resist arrest while caught hiding as fugitives from law. It was a shocking absurdity even for some murderous-thinking Republican extremists to declare with neither shame nor bothered conscience [and perhaps this is due to their suppressed hatred of immigrants], that as fugitive criminals, shooting down "illegals" one by one if not in a spate of killings or mass murder or massacre, is the simplest way of reducing the numbers of illegal immigrants in the country!

Hardcore Republicans – the rabid proponents of Newt Gingrich’s "Contract With America" -- accepted no compromise for this mean-spiritedness and brutality even from then President George W. Bush, a moderate Republican, who had graciously designed a pathway to legalize the status of millions of illegal immigrants who are already living in the country for many years and had therefore contributed the fruits of their hard works and labor to the economy. The immigrant-hate-driven Republicans consider this process of legalization "amnesty" which they could neither accept nor tolerate even in a dream.

Under this inhumane Republican agenda, this harsh if not savage treatment of illegal immigrants has even a terrible heartless underpinning: The families of undocumented immigrants should be cut out of welfare and social services. Their children born in the country and therefore are by law American citizens, should be denied admission to public-funded schools, and even when sick should not be admitted to public hospitals for medical treatment. Skinhead-thinking Republicans would rather have them all starve to death, die of diseases without medical treatment, or deprived of education, would create an enclave of illiterate criminals throughout the country than accept them as part of the legalized fabric of our society and avoid this terrible tragedy.

That’s when the Republicans went over the edge. Millions and millions of immigrants across the country rallied against their politically, economically and spiritually demeaning and losing cause. In 2004, it was not because the American public wanted the Democrats back to power [Democrats in Congress were notoriously known as corrupt, corrupting and corrupted politicians] … it was just that this kind of inhumanity or extreme mean-spiritedness of the Republican Party that betrays Abraham Lincoln’s political creation, should never become the way of life to all Americans in this country. If in this coming mid-term election the Republicans did not learn their lesson in the past, the voting American public might look at ugly Obama and his obnoxious hirelings, as the most good-looking politicians on the planet they would rather trust.

In healthcare, Obama and his liberal social medicine and regulated cost of medical services have an edge over the Republicans’ unregulated free market system ruled and controlled by the powerful healthcare industry. Just before the Obama healthcare law took effect this year, the Republican-sponsoring medical industry spiked the average American’s medical insurance premiums by almost 100% just to spite then Obama’s proposed regulatory healthcare law. This maneuver fed into the political campaign of the Republicans that under Obama, the cost of medicine and medical treatment is running wild, and therefore to stop Obama, the public should vote Republican. It’s totally a mesmerizing bull crap.

In 2008-2009, I used to pay $40 monthly premium for my HMO insurance. By January it jumped to $75 with a caveat that it would be about a $100 more in any moment’s notice. Millions of Americans would remember this scalping as I do, when we vote this November. It simply explains why there is a need of government intervention in a free market where monopolists raise prices anytime to satisfy their greed for profit. The financially struggling consumers are totally at their mercy.

People, like myself, are not interested of the Republican hocus-pocus that socialized medicine and regulated medical treatment would entail more cost in the long run based on their claim that we have to pay more taxes to underwrite Obama’s medical care program, especially for the middle class.

Who cares? If we have to pay additional taxes, our money goes to the government to make the cost of medicine more affordable and medical services more accessible to the poor and/or the economically disadvantaged. That’s more preferable than the money of the poor going to the greedy industry that controls the market, through scalping or profiteering so that they can pocket their ill-gotten wealth and fund the Republican Party. In the mind of the average American, there is absolutely no need to love the Democrats to hate the Republicans.

It is obvious that because the Republicans’ political campaign is funded by the healthcare industry, the Republicans wanted a free market system where the cost of medicine and health services can be totally dependent on the whims and caprices of the powerful corporations that control the market. With this Obamacare law, they could no longer do what they want. This explains why the Republicans are so desperate to win this mid-term election. Once they are back in control of Congress, the Republicans will overhaul Obama’s healthcare reform law so that the healthcare industry can sing out loud that happy days are here again.

Without this healthcare reform, the healthcare industry’s control of how patients should be treated of their terminal diseases like cancer is almost absolute. If under the patients’ right to choose the treatment they want the choice happens to be expensive, the powerful insurance company can deny the treatment to avoid paying the high cost. The dying patient is subjected to a series of denial of treatment, and placed in the agony of suffering excruciating pain by going through layers and layers of the appeal process, until the patient dies or if still alive, forced to surrender to the insurance’s choice of cheaper treatment that might not even work for the dying patient. Such savagery in the unregulated free market system controlled by giant health insurance companies is, to say the least, Godless. Total disregard of life for money is satanic, its repulsive pungent smell rising from the rotten bowels of the earth.

Under this new healthcare reform law, the patient is to be treated immediately of the treatment the patient prefers as a matter of right, and the insurance is forced to pay the cost. If the insurance happens to disagree, then it has the right to appeal. In short, the new law reversed the situation where the life of the patient is considered more important than money. Repeat, without this reform, money was more important than the life of the patient in an unregulated market system where the insurance industry calls the shot at will.

Millions of Americans with this kind of painful experience in an unregulated market system will remember their trauma when they go to the polls to cast their vote, just as how they would remember the Republican brutality in the treatment of illegal immigrants in this country when they decide once more to bury Lincoln’s runaway party in a total defeat.

The degree of hate and repugnance ad nuseam, derived from these painful experiences under our two-party system, will determine the outcome of this 2010 mid-term election. # Bakadude

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