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Overpopulation Scarecrow 2: Time To Stop This Nonsense!

Let’s put an end to this nonsense of scaring people of the end of the world by "overpopulation". It encourages madcap screwballs to commit murder, and on a larger scale, genocide because of this harebrained lunacy persistently published in this website and elsewhere that the number of humankind on earth is growing "exponentially" in a finite world and that the planet would implode to extinction!

I have identified the world’s most notorious mass murderers committing genocide for this insane reason that human beings should be killed in order to preserve the environment, space and food supply [a reasoning that is outrageously brutish and stupid] – right here where you can click on the link and get the shock of your life: Population Scarecrows And Tapeworms In Our Stomach - .

The single greatest predicament facing America and humanity in the 21st century according to anti-population "innumerates" is "overpopulation". There is no such thing as "overpopulation" on this planet. If you still don’t know, below, I tell you why.

" Over 18 million humans starving to death annually …" goes the feather-flapping of population scarecrows, that’s why in their silly mind they want to exterminate humans in order to reduce the number of mouths to feed – their insane way of saving the world!

I want to once more address this gracious reminder to our friend Frosty Woodridge and his kind – and by the way Frosty doesn’t have to debate with Ernest Hancock on this issue and get mercilessly pummeled to a ground and pound submission -- and hope it will sink in and save this most persistent anti-population crusader from taking punches of ridicule in the Web. Hear this: Starving humans in the world are not due to "overpopulation"! The American public is not mentally retarded that you think ordinary Americans are not able to know this truth … and below I tell you why. To say that starvation is due to humans overcrowding space is in fact an abuse of the intelligence of the human race. Please learn to know that, and more.

There is no crisis of space on earth, and below I tell you why. For anyone to say that there is, must have come from another planet who does not know the spatial dimensions of Earth for humans to occupy, multiply and live with happily ever after.

Fear-mongers may continue to terrorize people out of their wit by mouthing toxic emissions about the environment and eventually the end of the world by population overcrowding, especially by concocting a nightmare of cannibalism when food supply runs short for the hungry to feed, made even more horrifying by faulty statistical or arithmetical hocus-pocus – but the bottom line is, they are just scarecrows made of straws that like bamboo reeds bow down their head when the wind is passing by.

The facts? I don’t need to revisit my database and extract them for you line by line. For the likes of Frosty, someone has already printed them here – a great opportunity to see in the mirror how a wretched scarecrow looks like. In these videos, population exterminators are forced to eat their own words …

It is time to put a stop to this immigration and overpopulation nonsense!

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Comment by Dav Val
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May I offer a simple lessen in mathematics?   Start with the numeral '1.'  Double it.  Double this result 20 more times.  The result becomes 1,048,576.

Double that result another 20 times.  The result becomes: 1,099,500,000,000 

Can our world survive a quadrillion -- or whatever the number becomes?  And, that is with only one person forming only one family, joining another person and forming a reproductive doubling.  Let's see, after 3 zeros, we have thousands, then millions, then trillions, then what?  Quadrillions?

Historically, disease has "controlled" population growth.  Now, medicine is striving with some success to limit the influence of fatal diseases.  An interesting paradox, is it not?  Shall population growth be limited by choice or by disease?




Less see, that is


Comment by Frosty Wooldridge
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But then you hear intellectual ‘nimrods’ or what Colorado University’s Dr. Albert Bartlett calls ‘innumerates’, (intellectually credentialed persons that remain mathematically illiterate), tell us that the whole human race can live in the State of Texas.  They fail to understand ‘exponential growth’ on a finite planet cannot continue. That fact they avoid, evade, ignore and slither away from when confronted.  I find it amusing at the most and depressing that such ‘Pope-like” paradigms still exist.

Backward dude: check my latest part 1 to totally expose your lack of intelligence or ability to think--Part 1: What constitutes overpopulation in America