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Letters to the Editor • Politics: General Activism

American politics

 The Federal Government hand in hand with both political parties, love the idea that we the people are writing about how we feel about Government.  They  encourage the expression or concern that is wasted across the Internet.  The reason is  they know  less then five percent of those writing will act beyond expressing their opinions.  Also this is used as a  test on how the wacky wings and central portions of America are feeling each day. (Yes my Dear, there are people in Washinton reading these comments)

What scares them to death, one single action they fear only less then a vote is if you send one dollar to a group you believe in.

Today, for five months, until the off year elections begin to heat up, both parties are seeing what the radicals and moms are thinking.  However if the people of these United States start acting, sending money to political groups not in line with the proper Democratic or Republican positions, then they fear: change.

Politics is about that single dollar.  A million people and each with a single dollar.  A million Americans wanting a voice in Congress, and it begins with that single dollar.

So!! Comment to your hearts contentment and until your fingers are bruised.  When you are ready to take action,  remember that single dollar. 



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