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Amendment to our Constitution as by the people.

 Time to stop tea bags and signs and do what our constitution says we have a duty to do to protect our country from enemies within our own government. I therefore have written these amendments and hope all will take heed and do as I have suggested. I am not a constitutional authority I have worded it as best I can.

Additional Amendments to Our Constitution



We the people, the real government of these United States do declare the below amendments now be part of our Constitution and any act to change them without the approval of the people shall be considered unlawful or an act of treason. These amendments/laws are to be voted on by the people in every state of the union and are not subject to review or vote by Congress or House of Representatives or President but are to be put in effect immediately. We the people are the employers of our government officials and therefore have to right and duty to this country to prevent any destruction of our Constitution and our freedom of choice and the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness as stated by our founding fathers. Our Constitution states we the people can remove or replace any person/s or branch of government that we consider a threat to our nation and our freedom. This can be done by voting out these people, by petitioning for their removal and invoking their removal under the Constitution by our military who has the first duty to protect our Constitution from our enemies within any government that has become to powerful and has become a threat to the foundation of our country.


Henceforth no Congressmen, or House of Representative shall service more then two terms in office. This cannot be altered by any other amendment. Any Congressmen already serving that has completed two terms can no longer run again for office.


Congress can no longer make laws governing themselves. This would include pay raises without the approval of the people effective immediately and retroactive from their last raise. There will also be a limit as to what a Congressmen or House of Representative can earn for their position in office.


Every politician must pay for his/her personal expenses such as health care from their appointed wages.  They must make their choices from the same insurance companies as the people. No politician has access to any health insurance that is not also available to the public and must have the same choices as the public.


It is mandatory that every member of Congress or House of Representatives must contribute to the Social Security fund if not already contributing.


The Social Security fund can no longer accessed by Congress or any department of government. To do so would be considered embezzlement and cause for immediate dismissal of any individual or department of government.


If any department or individual of the government disregards, or tries to change our Constitution or our Amendments which would threaten our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness it is considered an act of treason and cause for punishment as a traitor against these United States of American and can be removed immediately by the will of people thru petition and/or military leaders. No amendments can be added that would in any way disregard or undermine our Constitution.


Upon retiring from office members of Congress or House of Representatives will receive a retirement based on their yearly income as designated by the people from which all personal expenses are to be paid.


The President will also receive a percentage of his/her yearly income from which all personal expenses are to be paid. This includes security, health insurance, etc.


No political official is above the law. Any official that has committed a crime shall be immediately incarcerated in a public facility as any criminal. No special privileges or accommodations, no exceptions to this bases on the office being held.





I want to encourage everyone to print this as part of a petition to be signed by registered voters. Distribute it through out our nation and when 51 % of the people have signed it, it is then sent to the appropriate department as part of our Constitution. Any department of government that dismisses the demands of the people by ignoring this petitution shall be considered an act of treason against the people of these United States of America. And subject to immediate removal from office.

Encourage every tea party to print this and have people sign it.

Editors Reply

Or, strike everything after "Congress shall make no law." 

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Comment by JoAnn Deles-Dernier
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 I like our constitution also. But years of being in the same political position seems to have made these people think they can do anything they want with no regard for the people or our constitution.  By adding some amendments that limits their power perhaps we can avoid having a government take over as we our seeing now. I do want to change our constitution I want to protect it by limiting what government can do so we can protect our constitution.

Comment by Mel Mason
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I kinda like the Constitution we have. The problem is getting rid of the tyrants and riff raff..