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Letters to the Editor • 911 / World Trade Center

Six.Six Seconds and getting ratf**ked for centuries

That is the time in which it took Building 7 of the World Trade Center to fall exactly in its own footprint.  That also is the amount of time it takes for a building set with military grade thermite to professional demolish a  47 story steal framed building, as was Building 7. Building 7 was the third building to come down that memorable day.  However, unlike, the Twin Towers, is caught on fire and was damaged from the falling debris as the North Tower collapse. The Question is, how did it really come down?  

Hum…. No office building in history has every imploded in this manner due to an office fire and/or of similar sustained damage which the official U.S. Government NIST report claims to have been the cause.

Hum….over 2,000 architects, engineers, physicists and other scientists, including pyrotechnic experts do not believe the official story of what happened September 11, 2001 to World Trade Center building 7.

Physicists, Steven Jones of Brigham Young University explained that it is impossible for a steel building to fall in six point six (6.6) seconds unless all 24 structural steel supports are cut simultaneously and that the existing damage and a fire would not physically be able to case that to happen.

Hum….the remains of a Thermite reaction was found in the rubble by various scientists and labs. If you google this though, you will find a lot of debunkers and of course you will also find that the debunkers have been debunked.  - Don’t let all the debunking get you off the primary path. It is physically impossible for a building to fall from the level of damage incurred and the resultant office fire in 6.6 seconds and that is what the NIST report stated.  That means they are lying, but we all know that politicians nor bureaucrats never lie to get elected or keep their jobs especially when held under strict orders and confidentiality under “Classified National Security”.  

Now here is a very important term that you as an American must understand if we as a nation are ever going to be able to get to the truth, not only about this, but about many things.  It is called a “Ratfuck”. 

Here is what is in Urban Dictionary on the subject of a Ratfuck: Formerly known as "the double-cross," it refers to infiltration and sabotage of the opposition party, particularly during (but not limited to) an election campaign. The second half of "All the President's Men" describes ratfucking done to 1972 Democratic presidential candidates by employees of the Committee to Re-Elect Nixon. Ken Clawson, Nixon's communications director, confessed to a ratfuck when he told how he forged a letter making it look like a Democratic candidate was a racist.

From Wikipedia: Ratfucking is an American slang term for political sabotage or dirty tricks. It was first brought to public attention by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in their book All the President's Men. Woodward and Bernstein's exposé in, All the President's Men, reports that many staffers who had attended the University of Southern California such as Donald Segretti, Tim Elbourne, Ronald Louis Ziegler, H. R. Haldeman and Dwight Chapin had participated in the highly-competitive student elections there. UPI reporter Karlyn Barker sent Woodward and Bernstein a memo "Notes On the USC Crowd" that outlined the connection. Fraternities, sororities and underground fraternal coordinating organizations such as Theta Nu Epsilon and their splintered rival "Trojans for Representative Government" engaged in creative tricks and underhanded tactics to win student elections. Officially, control over minor funding and decision-making on campus life was at stake but the positions also gave bragging rights and prestige. It was either promoted by or garnered the interest of major political figures on the USC board of trustees such as Dean Rusk and John A. McCone.

So we have both factual evidence that the official report is incorrect and we have tons of circumstantial evidence that the report is incorrect, yet we cannot get our political leaders to revisit and tell us the truth of what really happened that day. 

From Politicians for 911 Truth:  Although the list shown on their website does indicate many prominent ex- US officials and politicians and  very prominent politicians from around the world, not one current member of Congress is on the list. Ex- Senator Mike Gravel, United States Senator (1969 - 1981) (Charter Member of PL911Truth) and Dan Hamburg, Ex-Congressman from California (Charter Member of PL911Truth) are just two of the many people with credibility on the list.     

The false report on the World Trade Center “terrorist attack” is just one of many examples of what can happen when government power becomes so corrupt and strong, that the Citizens no longer have any recourse to even challenge the tyranny that ensues. 

All the 911 truth movement seeks is a report that truthfully answers the many questions raised on what happed that day. Many people have some pretty good ideas as to what happed and who was behind it but we will never know for sure unless an independent report can be done, if that is even possible.        

Who did it and why is just one of the things that we as a society need to wake up to and find out. We as a nation have been hoodwinked/ratfucked for so long in so many ways that it is sad that many Americans do not wake up to the issues or challenge those in power.  The main stream media uses what some call “memes” on a constant basis to propagandize the American people. From Urban Dictionary- Meme :  1 : an idea, belief or belief system, or pattern of behavior that spreads throughout a culture either vertically by cultural inheritance (as by parents to children) or horizontally by cultural acquisition (as by peers, information media, and entertainment media) 2. a pervasive thought or thought pattern that replicates itself via cultural means; a parasitic code, a virus of the mind especially contagious to children and the impressionable. This website and provides both current counter and critical analysis on these memes as the main stream media spews them forth on our naïve Citizenry.   

As an example of a meme I consider to be one of the more interesting, centers on the relationship between religious persecution and religious belief.  It goes something like this. I believe in X and if you do not believe in X, than you’re a heretic. Since I’m a Judge in society, sanctions by God, on belief X, therefore I can legally sentence and put you to death. Now here is the meme for instance that generates out of the Roman Catholic Church and all most all other major religions. “Do you know how long the “this” religion has been around and how many “followers” there are around the world,  therefore it must be the truth. ”The Church does not of course tell its current congregation how it got some many people to believe in X in the first place or how many people it killed because they refused to believe in X as a method to get people to believe in X. The Roman Catholic Church, does not tell us about how the corrupt officials within the Church were lying so that they could steal the property and wealth of those they put to death, just as they did not tell us how many Priests were involved in pedophilia and that they have been covering it up for How long_________???  We all know from numerous the accounts of history, that every major religion has been culpable in this behavior, yet I’ve never heard any of them tell us the truth, as to how much it was done, who were their victims and how much money and/or property did they confiscate. The Catholic Church is one of the most wealthy institutions on the planet and ironically “confession of sins” is one of the fundamental practices of Catholicism. The priesthood then knows all your most hidden secrets.  Apparently Confession of Sins does not apply to the priesthood though.

If you think religion is bad, government is now the greatest perpetrator of theft and murder on the planet today, yet few are really willing to take any risks and stand up for truth and justice. Those countries which collude with religion use this same meme to maintain their followers and more importantly the theft of taxation.

Editors Reply

But, but, but the government said it was a paper fire and Popular Mechanics assured us they had seen secret photos not available to the riff raff rabble who serf to pay taxes showing massive damage in hidden areas that brought the building down.  How dare you question the ruler's version of truth!  Next you will be claiming Osama bin Ladin worked for the CIA.  ;-)