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Letters to the Editor • Africa: On the Map

Something funny about this Kony thing.

And it's not a laughing matter.

I'm putting out a caution on this Kony thing. Look at the basics: we're being literally led to war in another oil producing nation. And once again, it's under the guise of "get the bad guy".

Our military is not supposed to be used to dictate our will on other nations no matter how "right" we suppose it to be.

Kony didn't just show up, he's been committing his crimes for decades. The fact that a well-produced and lavishly funded "grassroots movement" has suddenly sprung up around it is more than suspicious.

The very well spoken and polished young man who narrated this film, I found myself wondering at the end, is HE gonna go over there and fight with weapons? Will he leave his bright and thriving little son and literally trade his bullhorn for bullets? Did I miss the part where he said all him and his buddies need are the AKs and the aircraft and they are going in to get this guy?

I don't think I did. All I see is someone making a case for using our military to impose our will in foreign nations. AGAIN. It's just another "wrong for the right reasons".

Whom shall we assume is defending Kony now? Just Kony with a pile of automatic weapons? It stands to reason that to attack Kony, we'll be attacking and killing his child soldiers. How exactly does that make sense?

Does anybody know the situation in Uganda? Why haven't they solved this problem? Is it possible that removing Kony will allow someone else to take his place? How will attacking and killing some of them make things better for all of them? These are questions worth asking as even "benevolent humanitarian aid" missions can end in complete disaster. It is in fact now being reported that U.N. Aid Workers from Asia brought cholera to Haiti and now it's spreading like wildfire. That might kill more than the earth quake. This time they want to do an "aid mission" with guns. It's almost certain someone is gonna get hurt. 

Kony is an animal by most human standards and he commits atrocities, he has for decades and he is unique or singular for this in absolutely no way at all.  Our nation has a very long history of not only ignoring madmen but supporting them when they support our economic interests.

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