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Dennis Rodenbeck

Nueces County has become a focus of the corruption that has infiltrated our government down to the local level. We all see it and want to RIGHT the wrong of it. This is a great place for us all to make a stand. We have the evidence for the case and it is blatant. We had to fight in court to achieve information that is by law 'public' (precinct minutes), and won that. We are standing FOR THE PROCESS OF THE RULE OF LAW! We have done a great deal of work for our rights as well as yours and are standing tall on the front lines for your liberty as well as ours. It's fun waving signs and talking ideology, but this is where the battle has the smell of gun smoke and we need a few shoulders to stand with us right now. Win or lose in the short term, the effort to stand up for the rule of law always Wins as it exposes corruption and shines a light of truth. Violating peoples rights at this level is the ultimate degradation of our Constitution. The website will be

Reported By Jack Spratt

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