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Would you like to rent/hire a so called Patriot? Do you have $81,000? Well if you do you too may be able to rent/hire Glenn beck to come to your town to speak. A true Patriot would donate his or her time. And considering the amount of money Beck makes he can easily donate his time.

So I question Beck sincerity as he has demonized Patriots already.( such as militias and those who question the Govt. on 911)

I spoke with a Mr.Geoffrey M. Ross USN retired on Sept. 9, 2009. Hes trying to bring Glenn Beck to the EMERALD COAST CONFERENCE CENTER FORT WALTON BEACH IN MARCH OR APRIL OF 2010 to ATTEND his “RESIST SOCIALISM DEFEAT COMMUNISM PATRIOTS RALLY”.

He says he will have to charge admission for his event.But here is the good news Mr. Ross says his good friend Glenn Beck ain’t cheap so Beck is giving him a discount.

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