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Christopher Gronski ( on how to secure freedom thru responsibility - Jimmy Song (Bitcoin developer, educator and entrepreneur; Open Source Contributor) on Bitcoin/Crypto, privacy, decentralization, etc... - Dr Phranq Tamburri =

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Comment by Terrence Adams
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Ernest, Your guest, Christopher, charging people for "State Citizenship" class, is OK, I suppose,we all need to make a living, but that information can be downloaded for free at ; Roger Sayles, the Author, broadcast daily 10:am to Noon daily at , every broadcast is replayed 7:pm to 9:pm; It would be good if you had Roger as a guest, he has 20 years of school-of-hard-knocks education discovering the hidden State Citizenship, and the simple method of informing the United States of your political status; US citizen[ship] is a voluntary condition, and a simple affidavit re-patriates any man or woman to State Citizenship; Please consider having Roger as a guest, he can skype; you and your listeners would be very well served if you did so, and I know Christopher would learn more information to add to his classes; Be well, mydogREX

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