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Jacob Hornberger

It is supremely ironic. To respond to the dictatorial mindset and policies of Venezuelan ruler Nicolas Maduro, President Trump has adopted his own dictatorial mindset and policies. Trump obviously believes that the way to fight foreign dictatorship i

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They call Maduro a dictator: -To call a Constituent Assembly with the participation of all sectors of the country. -Submits to the established Powers, consults and respects them. -The leaders of the opposition continue to march in Venezuela declaring in the Media, calling for protests, destroying and murdering. They travel abroad calling for financial blockade and institutional and military intervention against the nation. -The private media continues in its eternal discredit campaign against the government. -The opposition parties participate in elections and even win spaces. -Nicolás rules for the People and not for the Elite. -It came to power through the electoral route. Everything is a MATHEMATICAL MATH PROGRAM OF THE WORLD ELITES ... !!! Regards

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