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To this day, the State of Israel has never been held accountable for this despicable and dastardly attack against the people of the United States. In fact, the U.S. government and news media have covered up this horrific attack for all of these decad

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Comment by Alan Adaschik
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The Liberty survivor is mistaken about one thing. No one informed President Johnson that the attacking forces were Israeli while the attack was in progress. The US Naval Attaché in Tel Aviv was informed about this around 4 PM, after the attack was over. President Johnson indicated he knew who the attackers were during the attack. The fact id evidence that he knew who the attackers were beforehand, had prior knowledge of Operation Cyanide, and was a participant in it. The crew of the USS Liberty were victims of an abominable plot by the United States government and Israel to sink the Liberty and murder its entire crew just so we would have an excuse to nuke Cairo.

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