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Comment by TL Winslow
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Talking about fake outreach, Lendman is the poster boy. As to Obama, he is clearly hiding his true beliefs to stay in the White House, but like all recent U.S. presidents his puppetmasters in Saudi Arabia tell him what to say and do about Islam, and they're the same ones who run the eternal jihad against Israel. Lendman's analysis oversimplifies the complexities of the Muslim world, since the Saudis are mortal enemies of Shiite Iran, hence Obama is giving them billions in U.S. weapons. They're also the enemies of al-Qaeda, hence the U.S. war against it. Funny how Lendman can diss Obama when he's a Saudi puppet himself.

Comment by Anonymous
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Enough of this Obama Muslim charade! Obama is now known as a covert Muslim worshiper and Islam’s rabid disciple. Based on documented reports, his real Muslim name is Barry Soetero. He just said in his tour of the East that Indonesia is close to his heart. Why not, that’s where his childhood was …he was schooled there as a true Muslim son of his Muslim Indonesian father, and his Islam Kenyan father, to become a hardened Islamic jihadist. Remember how he endorsed the construction of the Muslim mosque on ground zero that radical Muslims are fighting for tooth and nail? Did he care about our 911 wounds that are still hurting to this day as we opposed this insult to our more than 6,000 dead? Noooooooo … never! He has Jihad in his heart. Don’t forget that he gave captured Muslim jihad terrorists right to civilian court, similar to the constitutional right of American citizens they killed. In fact if fortune did not smile at him when he took advantage of the American Dream, many believed he could have been Osama bin Laden’s right hand man right now leading the fight against our troops in the mountains of Afghanistan. 

Comment by Dracula Tepish
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the question is this who and what is this creature 

he is ruled by one group and they consist of these vermin the arab emerate

the catholic jesuit priest and the rothschiedls and rochafellers and the top dog is who the satanist leader

the pope and the king of spain

so now lets be clear A ALEX JONES SAYING 



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