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Comment by Jon Fye
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Yeah this frustrates the hell out of me. I registered to vote when I got my license all the way back in October, The polling place I voted at this morning was literally RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from where I live. I go in to vote and I'm not in the books at all and had to fill out a provisional ballot. Pure B.S. I never signed up for absentee or early voting when I registered why the hell wasn't I in their list? there were 6 of us in a row who had to fill out provisional ballots, and they never gave me any sort of receipt to check back on them but I still reported the problems I encountered to the Paul campaign.

Comment by Dave Bennett
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My precinct, Gold Dust, and two others were all rolled into one at 3030 Mission Ln. The Elections Board issued the poll workers one book of all registered voters from all three precincts, so the line was way out the door all day long.

But at about 5:15 one of the workers comes out and asks for mail in ballot holders and reminds everyone that they need their ID's........Then says something to the effect that if you insist, you'll be able to cast a provisional ballot..."but we'll just throw that away"

When I finally got inside the building the guy that made the "we;ll just throw it away" comment wasn't inside.

The provisional ballot box was stuffed full and the "machine" said 531 ballots had been cast.

The guy in front of me had to cast provisional because they said he was on the mail-in ballot list and the woman behind me had to cast one because the registration list had her maiden name from 5 years ago

In all, I was in line for about and hour and a half and came away with the feeling voting in Baghdad would have went smoother

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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None of this matters.
Americas will do nothing at all about it.
The elections will be over and Americans will still be standing around with their thumbs up their ass wondering "What Happened","How did he win?","I can`t believe it".
Please do not forget our Wonderful Youth. They have decided to vote for War over Peace.
Are Youth,obviously,want to NUKE IRAN and Kill more innocent people.
Our youth is willing to vote for an "American Pilot" that,because of the classified information he gave the North Vietnamese,American Pilots DIED,yet our youth still voter for the Traitor.
Please do not expect Americas youth to save the`s just the opposite.Judging from their votes,they want to destroy the country,not save it.

Comment by Greg and Kat Affholter
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We are waiting to hear more about this. I know but lots do not so do tell, Ernie

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