Article Image What**Q**s the Best Hollow Point Ammo for EDC?

What's the Best Hollow Point Ammo for EDC?

Written by Sam Jacobs Subject: Gun Rights

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Picking the right self-defense ammo is critical for stopping the threat and making sure you don't have over-penetration. However, with so many different styles and brands of personal defense ammo on the market, it can be confusing to some shooters which is the best.

Although most self-defense ammo is pretty good, some stands above the rest in terms of terminal performance, ballistics, expansion, and stopping power. 

In this podcast, Chris and Dave discuss their top favorite JHP ammo for concealed carry and self-defense. Furthermore, they dig a bit deeper into several new types of bullets that are hitting  the market and how they can be just as effective at defending your life or your loved ones.

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