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The Scourge of More Monster Than Nation-State USA

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The Scourge of More Monster Than Nation-State USA

by Stephen Lendman

The empire of lies is at war by hot and/or other means on virtually all nations free from the scourge of its control.

At war on Russia for the past 9 years, the risk of nuclear confrontation is ominously high because it's losing badly to the Russian Federation's military and tactical superiority.

In pursuit of its hegemonic aims, lunatics infesting the Washington asylum may destroy planet earth and all its life forms by perpetual wars, toxic kill shots and environmental destruction.

Sino/Russian unity against the scourge of US/Western imperial rampaging may be our only chance to triumph over the menace it represents.

During his visit to Moscow last week, senior Chinese diplomat, Wang Yi, stressed the following:

"The People's Republic of China is ready to join forces with Russia to decisively stand up for national interests and promote mutually beneficial cooperation in all areas," adding:

At yearend 2022, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, together with likeminded partners agreed to promote "the development of international order in the direction of equitable development."

"It's necessary to unlock the potential of this mechanism, and it's also necessary to develop new steps of strategic interaction in accordance with the changing situation in order to provide the necessary guarantees for national development."

"I want to fully join your appreciation of the strategic cooperation between the two countries."

Sergey Lavrov welcomed "China's balanced position on the Ukraine issue."

It's much the same as Russia's, what'll be discussed when Xi visits Moscow ahead.

Stressing that everything is progressing as planned, Putin said  Sino/Russian relations "are reaching new frontiers…new levels of cooperation."

Wang stressed that both nations "support multipolarity and democratization in international relations."

"This fully meets the course of time and history."

"It also meets the interests of the (vast) majority of countries."

Vladimir Putin stressed the following last week:

The empire of lies and its Western vassals aim to "end us once and for all."

They're using Nazi-infested Ukraine as a "battering ram" against Russia, mindless of the human toll.

For the Russian Federation, the issue is "existen(tial)."

US-dominated Western regimes are allied with the scourge of Nazism infesting Ukraine in waging war on Russia.

They ignore "the loss of human lives and tragedies because trillions of dollars are at stake, an opportunity to keep robbing everyone under the cover of democracy and freedom" — notions reviled and not tolerated by the collective West.

Yet they know that Russia cannot be defeated militarily.

At the start of its liberating SMO last February, US-installed puppet Zelensky fled cross-border to Poland, then spent weeks hiding in a bunker while pretending otherwise.

Last week, Russia issued "a formal demarche" to US envoy to Moscow, Lynne Tracy, over the Biden regime's war on the nation by use of expendable Ukrainian foot soldiers.

Moscow accused the Biden regime of supplying Ukrainian Nazis with arms, equipment and intelligence for perpetual war on Russia, for its direct involvement in what's going on.

According to geopolitical analyst Martin Armstrong:

Neocons infesting the Biden regime want war in a futile attempt to keep its monetary system from collapsing at a time of economic weakness and high inflation.

According to David Stockman last week, the empire of lies "is not being attacked by aliens," Russia,  China or other nations.

But it's "definitely being bombarded by (soaring) inflation" and self-inflicted harm from war on invented enemies.

Detached from reality, the White House imposter is mindless of what's going on, including the risk of things escalating to nuclear war.

And this reality check by former multi-billion dollar hedge fund manager, Edward Dowd, saying:

"If I had to guess, the stock market…on a razor's edge (may) fall apart in the next week or two (because) economic trends are absolutely abysmal across the board."

Will dominant Biden regime hardliners divert attention from what's going on by attacking Russia with nukes?

Hegemon USA has been in terminal decline for decades.

It's far too late for scattered reforms at a time when US militarism and perpetual wars on invented enemies rage with no intention of turning a page for peace.

History is clear. We can choose democracy over tyranny and survive or continue today's self-destructive course and perish.

The US is clearly going the wrong way with no signs of constructive change, just the opposite by the most recklessly dangerous regime in the nation's history empowered by election-rigging.

The long ago republic was replaced by the imperial state — prioritizing forever wars on invented enemies and ruinous military spending, at the expense of peace, equity and justice according to the rule of law.

The longer hegemon USA pursues militarism and warmaking against invented enemies — by hot and other means  over the other way around — the sooner it'll arrive in history's dustbin where it belongs.