Addicted to Fake News Over the Real Thing

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Addicted to Fake News Over the Real Thing

by Stephen Lendman

Individuals yearning to be brainwashed instead of informed need look no further than the 25-story NYT tower in midtown Manhattan — a fake news den of iniquity where journalism as it should be is banned.

On major issues mattering most, state-approved rubbish is exclusively featured in its daily fake news editions, its latest one no exception.

At a time when indisputable evidence reveals how Russian forces are steadily advancing, liberating one Nazi-occupied area after another — slaying the made-in-the-USA Ukraine monster — Times fake news defied reality with the following rubbish, saying:

"Moscow is pouring in waves of fighters and targeting Ukrainian supply lines in an effort to gain its first significant battlefield victory in months (sic)."

Since launching its liberating SMO last February, Nazi-infested Ukraine achieved zero battlefield victories.

Now it's taking one punishing defeat after another at a time when the US-installed regime and its greatly degraded military are near-collapse.

Like other MSM, the Times pretends not to notice, turning a blind eye and deaf ear to reality on the ground.

Chances for the regime to turn defeat into triumph are virtually zero.

No matter what weapons are sent to Kiev, the regime and its military were certain to be defeated from day-one of Russia's overpowering firepower and tactics.

What the Times and other MSM suppress is most important for everyone to know.

Russian forces are doing much more than "pressur(ing) the strategically important town of" Artyomovsk.

According to Donetsk analyst, Yan Gagin:

Russian private military contractor Wagner Group fighters largely gained control over the road from Chasov Yar to Artyomovsk, a key supply route for the regime, adding:

Wagner Group fighters destroyed regime arms and equipment along the route ahead of their ability to gain control of the town.

In desperation, the Kiev regime is relocating more reserves to the area because many thousands of its troops were eliminated.

And this reality check by acting Donetsk leader, Denis Pushilin, saying:

The regime is running short of munitions.

"Russian forces destroyed quite a lot of (its) combat vehicles at various sections."

Because of how effectively Russian forces destroyed most arms and equipment supplied to the regime by the US/West, its troops throughout Donbass are being systematically eliminated.

On Tuesday, a Ukrainian deputy battalion commander said fighting in and around Artyomovsk is "real hell" for regime troops.

Relentless attacks by Russian forces are "greatly affect(ing) the(ir) combat effectiveness, morale and everyday field conditions."

Ignoring the reality of a punishing Russian offensive underway, what's more greatly depleting regime troops than already by steady advances along frontline areas— facilitated by overpowering artillery, missile and drone strikes — the Times pretends that badly beaten Ukrainian Nazis are holding their own.

Saying "heavy casualties (affected) both sides" ignored the reality of one-sided Russian battlefield successes, the regime alone taking heavy losses.

Kiev is so desperate to replenish lost manpower that virtually all males from teen-agers to middle-aged men are being forcibly conscripted as cannon fodder.

And when poorly trained, inadequately armed regime troops are rushed to frontline positions, they're met by obliterating Russian firepower.

Defying reality, the Times reinvented its own reality, saying:

The regime "mostly relie(s) on territorial defense and national guard forces to hold the main defensive line in (Artyomovsk), with better trained infantry units rushing in if those fighters are attacked or retreat (sic)."

Ignored is this Southfront reality check, saying:

Conditions around Artyomovsk, "Ugledar and other regions in Donbass remain difficult" to impossible for regime troops because of "high intensity" Russian attacks and advances.

Separately, video evidence "showed a dispute between a Ukrainian soldier and officers."

"The soldier came to argue with his commanders, speaking on behalf of the whole unit which refused to go the front lines."

"The emotional conversation…confirmed the deplorable situation in the Ukrainian army."

"Officers revealed huge losses of several Ukrainian units."

Some "were completely destroyed by Russian forces."

"The AFU already suffered heavy losses in various regions." 

Yet regime troops "are forced to stay on their positions because deserters are imprisoned or shot dead by" Nazi fighters to their rear.

Kiev, its US/Western paymasters and MSM press agents continue going all-out to conceal heavy regime losses of manpower, arms and equipment. 

Yet reality on the ground and a state of regime desperation is impossible to ignore.

It's just a matter of time before hegemon USA's Ukraine project collapses from overpowering Russian firepower. 

Will the Biden regime and its Western vassals supply Ukrainian Nazis with warplanes along with tanks and all else?

Russia will continue to effectively destroy whatever US/Western regimes supply.

Its triumph over the scourge of Nazism infesting Ukraine is certain.

A Final Comment

On January 27, WaPo editors pretended that US/Western tanks to Ukrainian Nazis will make a difference on the ground when reality is the other way around.

Calling the futile move "smart, courageous reaffirmation of the West's resolve to prevent a Russian victory (sic) and protect a basic precept of the international order (sic)" trampled on reality in typical MSM fashion.

And WaPo's accusation of aggressive war by Russia ignored that the claim applies to the empire of lies, its Western vassals and Ukrainian Nazis, clearly not the Russian Federation.

The same reality applies to war crimes by US/Western regimes and Nazi-infested Ukraine, not Russia.

And claiming that "sanctions against Russia improve the chances (for) Kiev to be in a strong negotiating position ignored the reality of no intention by Moscow to deal with the Nazi-infested regime diplomatically.

Unconditional surrender is its only option.

Separately, WaPo is blind to the reality that Russia doesn't need US/Western markets.

It has no shortage of nations eager to buy its oil, gas and other highly valued resources.

And like other MSM, it continues to push the myth of Russian aggression — while supporting the real thing by the empire of lies, its Western vassals and Nazi-infested Ukraine.