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War Criminal Netanyahu Addresses AIPAC

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War Criminal Netanyahu Addresses AIPAC

by Stephen Lendman

Since its 1963 founding, AIPAC — a hostile to the rule of law, Washington-based Zionist lobby — has operated illegally in flagrant breach of the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act.

It requires organizations and persons "acting as agents of foreign principals in a political or quasi-political capacity to make periodic public disclosure of their relationship with the foreign principal, as well as activities, receipts and disbursements in support of those activities."

By supporting Israeli apartheid ruthlessness, AIPAC remains virtually exempt to continue dirty business as usual with full support and encouragement from the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies.

Officials from both wings of its war party, to the highest levels, show up regularly at its annual conferences to express unconditional support for what demands condemnation.

As a Jewish state lobby in Washington, AIPAC, supports Israeli state terror, including slow-motion genocide of long-suffering Palestinians — what's been reality for the past 75 years.

Haaretz slammed AIPAC, saying:

"Thanks in no small part to the environment of zero-tolerance that AIPAC and others cultivated, we're now witnessing the consequences of this absurdity taken to its logical extreme."

"The fascist fringe of Itamar Ben-Gvir and his ilk" hold key Netanyahu regime ministerial posts. 

"This nightmare reality should force a reckoning over the political orthodoxy of 'pro-Israel' politics."

"Is it really 'pro-Israel' to insist on silence when a fascist, homophobic, terrorist-glorifier is amassing power and making a mockery of" the rule of law?

"Is it 'pro-Israel' to smear those sounding the alarm and doing the thankless work of trying to save Israel from its worst impulses?"

Much the same is reality throughout the US/West.

In one country after another, hostile to peace, stability and the rule of law regimes run things — pursuing their own interests at the public's expense.

Addressing AIPAC members by video from Israel on Monday, Netanyahu once again ranted about an Iranian threat — despite knowing that nothing of the sort exists, not now or earlier.

Prioritizing regional peace and stability over forever wars, the Islamic Republic never preemptively attacked another country.

It's in stark contrast to how hegemon USA-dominated NATO regimes, Ukrainian Nazis and apartheid Israel operate.

Nothing they say can be taken at face value.

Ignoring charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust with indisputable evidence proving them, Netanyahu ranted the following:

"It's time to close ranks between (apartheid) Israel and (hegemon USA) – and others," adding:

"I look forward to discussing this issue with (the fake) Biden and his team" of unindicted war criminals. 

"I think there is more of a meeting of the minds today than there has ever been."

The Trump regime abandoned the landmark JCPOA nuclear deal with Iran in flagrant breach of Security Council Res. 2231, making it binding international and US constitutional law under its Supremacy Clause (Article VI, Paragraph 2).

Despite pledging return to JCPOA compliance, two years after usurping power by election rigging, it's clear that dominant Biden regime hardliners never any intention to fulfill what's mandated by international and constitutional law.

On Monday, the regime's so-called national security advisor, Sullivan, dismissively said the following:

"Our priority right now is not the JCPOA" — instead of admitting that remaining in breach of the landmark agreement was planned all along.

And in stark contrast to nuclear armed and dangerous Israel, Iran abhors these weapons, wanting them eliminated everywhere before they eliminate us.

Separately in his Monday remarks, Netanyahu falsely blamed Iran for made-in-the-USA violence against its people since last September — what's all about attempted regime change by the empire of lies and forever wars because the Islamic Republic remains free from its control.

Turning reality on its head and trampling on it — one of his specialties — Netanyahu praised US-recruited/anti-Iran thugs responsible for street violence, falsely calling them "brave men and women (sic)."

And falsely calling Iran "a terrible regime, depressive and terroristic (sic)" applies to the US/West, Ukraine and Israel, clearly not the Islamic Republic.

Heading the most extremist regime in Israeli history, Netanyahu and hardliners around him made the Jewish state a greater regional menace than ever before.

According to Jerusalem-based journalist, Zena Al Tahhan, on Tuesday:

It's increasingly likely that things "on the ground (in the Occupied Territories will) explode" ahead.

She quoted Hebron University's Political Science Department head, a Palestinian Policy Network member, Belal Shobaki, saying the following:

"A Palestinian confrontation and renewal of the struggle with occupation (ruthlessness) is inevitable," adding:

"I believe that the scenario of matters exploding in 2023 is possible."

"In the estimations of the Israeli military and security apparatus, the West Bank is bound to eventually mobilize."

"Israel is trying to postpone this scenario for as long as possible by employing a strategy of containment and absorption."

Over the past year before the current Netanyahu regime gained power, Israeli military violence was responsible for at least 170 Palestinian deaths, including 30 children.

Settler attacks increased significantly, as documented by the Yesh Din human rights group.

On Jan. 4, it reported the following:

"Every year during the (olive) harvest season, Israeli citizens violently attack Palestinian harvesters, steal olive crops and cut down trees." 

"Since 2005, Yesh Din has been documenting crimes committed by settlers and other Israelis against Palestinians during the harvest."

"Acts of settler violence and damage to Palestinian property in the West Bank occur not only during the harvest season, but all year round." 

"This violence makes the Palestinian landowners afraid to freely and regularly access the agricultural plots they own."

"In addition, the Palestinian landowners' access to some of the lands is limited by a military "coordination mechanism", which prohibits entry to private Palestinian lands adjacent to settlements and outposts without permission and prior coordination."

"The violence and access restrictions to agricultural land caused many Palestinian farmers to give up other agricultural crops and focus on growing olive trees, which require relatively minimal maintenance." 

"Thus, beyond being a Palestinian national symbol, the economic importance of olives overall, and the olive harvest in particular, in the West Bank increased."

Separately during the first 5 days of 2023, 4 more Palestinians, including 3 children were killed by Israeli forces.

The newly empowered Israeli regime prioritizes theft of Palestinian land for exclusive Jewish development and use throughout the West Bank.

Its dominant hardliners want a more impotent Palestinian Authority than already or elimination of the PA entirely.

On September 29, 2000, Palestinian anger erupted in response to Aerial Sharon's provocative visit, protected by over 1,000 security forces, to the al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam's 3rd holiest site.

The Second Intifada followed.

When it ended after five years of struggle, the toll on Palestinians included 4,166 deaths, including 856 children. 

Another 3,530 were disabled, along with 554 assassinations.

Around 8,600 Palestinians were imprisoned.

Large-scale razing of Palestinian land occurred, over 2.3 million dunums confiscated for exclusive Jewish development and use.

Because of intolerable Netanyahu regime state terror against long-suffering Palestinians, including continued slow-motion genocide, will a third Intifada occur in the new year?

According to Shobaki:

"A single event, (a spark like Sharon's provocation), may move (and) push (Palestinians) to the street."

A Final Comment

Last Friday, Sullivan said what clear without need of explanation.

Like its predecessors, the Biden regime "is absolutely committed to Israel's security, and that's not going to change," adding:

"There are significant (invented) challenges (sic), including the (invented) threat posed by Iran (sic)."

In stark contrast to nonthreatening Iran, hegemon USA-dominated NATO regimes threaten everyone everywhere.

The same reality applies to Israel regionally.

Separately, Sullivan pushed the myth of US "support for (a) two-state solution."

Since establishment of the Jewish state in May 1948, US support for Israel has been and continues to be one-sided — at the expense of the rule of law and Palestinian rights.