Reality Check on Christmas Day for Orthodox Christians

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Reality Check on Christmas Day for Orthodox Christians 

by Stephen Lendman

In response to RINO Kevin McCarthy's election as House speaker pre-dawn Sat. on the 15th ballot — after the longest floor fight for the post since 1859 — a White House statement on behalf of the fake Biden said the following:

"I am prepared to work with Republicans when" they bend to the will of undemocratic Dems at the expense of peace, equity, justice and the rule of law, the statement failed to add.

What he falsely called "economic progress" ignored increasing decline at a time when most US households struggle daily to afford essentials because of double-digit inflation based on how calculated pre-1990.

It's at a time of likely deep and protected recession ahead after years of financial mismanagement excess, what caused multiple bubbles to burst.

It's at a time when after falsely pronouncing Pfizer and Moderna kill shots safe and effective, the Pharma-controlled CDC "identified hundreds (of their health-destroying) signals, according to monitoring results obtained by The Epoch Times.

They include "bell's palsy, blood clotting…intermenstrual bleeding, a lack of oxygen to the heart…myocarditis, pericarditus and even death. 

The only thing redeeming about dirty business as usual McCarthy is he's not unindicted war criminal Pelosi.

Notably since undemocratic Dems usurped power by the most brazen election theft in US history, the worst of times followed domestically by exploiting the great majority to benefit the privileged few — along with waging war on nonthreatening Russia in Nazi-infested Ukraine, what increasingly risks WW III, perhaps with nukes.

After wasting well over $100 billion in support of Ukrainian Nazi aggression since 2014, noted truth-telling US military expert, retired Col. Douglas MacGregor stressed the following:

"The American people don't understand that the Ukrainian Army in Donbass (and other frontline areas) is on the verge of collapse." 

"They've taken hundreds of thousands of casualties, (including) 150,000 dead."

"The (regime's) 93rd Army Brigade was just withdrawn from Artyomovsk, which has been turned into a Ukrainian bloodbath by the Russians – and they left after suffering 70 percent casualties."

"For them, that means that out of 4,000 men…they pulled out with about 1,200 men."

"That is a catastrophe, but that is what's really happening."

"And when the Russians finally launch their (winter) offensive, Americans are going to watch this entire house of cards collapse."

"Then the only question is, will someone finally stand up and put an end to this utterly false narrative." 

"It is looking more and more like the Russians would like to complete their task in Donbass first."

"They want to eliminate all the Ukrainian forces that are in the Donbass."

It's liberating SMO "was always an economy-of-force measure."

"It was designed to grind up as many Ukrainians as possible at the lowest possible cost to the Russians."

"That's what's been going on in southern Ukraine (and) it continues."

"It('s) work(ing) brilliantly."

"And (commanding General) Surovikin said that will continue until he's ready to launch his (winter) offensive."

"When launched, it will be a very different battle."

"(T)he Ukrainians have taken so many casualties in the south, we are beginning to hear reports that they are on the verge of collapse."

Desperate for more cannon fodder manpower, "teenage boys aged-14 or 15 (are being) pressed into service."

"(A)nd we're getting videos from Ukrainian soldiers saying:"

"The people in Kiev had better hope that the Russians get to them before we do…because we'll kill them." 

"They are talking about people in the (regime), because they see no evidence that Zelensky (and Nazis surrounding him) give a damn about them."

"They are running out of food and clothes."

"They are freezing."

"They are taking heavy casualties, and are being driven back."

"(T)he focus of the Russian winter offensive – which is indeed coming – will be on ending the battle in Donbass (by) breaking Ukrainian resistance, (eliminating its) forces from the Donetsk People's Republic." 

Russia's campaign "is highly-effective."

"It is grinding down the Ukrainian army exactly as General Surovikin said."

"It is weakening Ukraine's future ability to continue the war and — at the same time – it fulfills Russia's primary mission which, from the start, has been the liberation of Donbass" — along with demilitarizing and deNazifying the regime's US-created war machine.

Things won't end with the liberation of Donbass entirely from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

"(I)n 2023, we should see the re(liberation) of Kherson region."

"And there will most surely be Russian advances in other places." 

"Once (the battle of Donbass) is won, once Ukrainian resistance is broken, (regime troops) will be fatally weakened."

It "means that Ukraine will not only have lost its most heavily industrialized region, and its most heavily fortified zone."

"It will also mean the Russians will have unimpeded access all the way to the east bank of the Dnieper River."

"At that point, they will be in a position to cut Ukraine in half."

"This seems logical and clearly to me that this is the Russian plan." 

"They are not making a secret of it, but they are keeping people on-their-toes and guessing about troops that are in Belarus."

"I suspect the primary purpose of those forces is to pin Ukrainian soldiers down…around Kiev from a possible Russian offensive there, and to counter the very big buildup of Polish troops." 

"That is what Gerasimov has been saying."

Perhaps by end or January or sooner, Russia's winter offensive will begin.

The scourge of hegemon USA's created Nazified Ukraine monster will be slain.

Not according to NYT fake news — in defiance of reality on the ground, ranting:

"Russia's performance was crippled (sic) by what appears to have been a total failure to think things through (sic), to appreciate how vulnerable strung-out columns of vehicles would be to hit-and-run attacks by defenders armed with modern antitank missiles (sic)."

And this Times trash:

Nazi-infested, tyrannically-run Ukraine is a "defender of democracy (what it long ago banned) against a brutal tyrant (sic)" — ignoring the reality of how Russia is governed, according to the rule of law.

More of the same in its latest fake news edition ignored reality on the ground in similar fashion to virtually all its reports on Russia and Ukraine.

Will the Times and other MSM report the collapse of regime troops when occurs or will they ignore it by changing the subject?

Separately, the most extremist regime in Israeli history is on the cusp of renewing the Jewish state's Law on Special Authorities for Dealing with seasonal flu-renamed covid in more draconian form — on the phony pretext of protecting public health, what kill shots are designed to destroy.

Reportedly, Netanyahu regime mass-jabbing compliance will enforce restricted access or denial to public places for the unjabbed, including to businesses for employment and purchases.

Noncompliant firms may be shut down.

Ones remaining open may be required to serve jabbed individuals exclusively.

Unjabbed students may be denied education.

Lockdowns, social distancing, masking and testing may be enforced to make the Jewish state more tyrannically run than already.

Of great concern is whether what its ruling regime may enforce will be replicated in similar form throughout the US/West, their societies becoming virtual open-air prisons.

On Christmas Day for Orthodox Christians at a time of US-orchestrated and directed war on Russia with expendable Ukrainian foot soldiers — ones the empire of lies doesn't give a damn about — there's no celebratory spirit.

Nor will there be until the Nazi-infested Ukrainian monster is slain once and for all.