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China Responds to Pelosi's Imperial Arrogance

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China Responds to Pelosi's Imperial Arrogance

by Stephen Lendman

On Tuesday in response to Pelosi's affront to Chinese sovereignty, the PLA began conducting live-fire maritime and aerial drills around Taiwan — surrounding the island.

According to China's Global Times, they feature "J-20 stealth fighter jets and test-firing of conventional missiles…with additional important drills announced for days to come."

Beginning moments after Pelosi arrived in Taipei, they're ongoing in waters and airspace "north, southwest and southeast of the island…"

They include "live-fire shooting…in the Taiwan Strait and…missile test launches…east of the island."

While ongoing for a number of days, "Taiwan will be surrounded by PLA drills in five directions."

Drills are likely designed to develop PLA capabilities to seize the island militarily if unable to do it peacefully.

According to PLA Eastern Theater Command deputy chief of staff, Gu Zhong, as reported by GT:

Drills involve "courses like joint blockade, sea assault, land attack and air superiority seizing plus live-fire shooting of precision weapons."

They're "comprehensively test(ing) the performance of weapons and equipment as well as the troops' joint operational capabilities, making preparations for all crises."

Separately, Xinhua reported that live-fire drills are being conducted in six maritime and air space areas around Taiwan — north, northeast, east, south, southwest and northwest of the island.

Entry into areas where they're ongoing is prohibited.

Last Sunday, China's Liaoning aircraft carrier embarked from its Qingdao homeport to waters near Taiwan — accompanied by "a Type 075 amphibious assault ship."

Chinese military expert, Song Zhongping, said the purpose of ongoing drills is to enhance the PLA's military preparedness in light of Pelosi's unacceptable visit to Taiwan.

During her meeting with Taiwan's so-called president Tsai Ing-wen on Wednesday — in a display of imperial arrogance — Pelosi assaulted China's sovereignty again as follows, saying:

Hegemon USA's vow to preserve (fantasy) democracy in Taiwan and around the world (is) ironclad."

She barely stopped short of vowing to defend the island if China uses military force to reunite it with the mainland.

In cahoots with dominant Biden regime and congressional hardliners, Pelosi is pushing things recklessly for possible direct confrontation between two nuclear powers — ones able to transform cities of targeted nations into smoldering rubble.

Indeed, hostile-to-peace-and-stability Pelosi and the Biden regime are playing with fire against Russia, China and Iran —  humanity's fate hanging in the balance.

Separately in response to Taiwan's complicity with Pelosi's effrontery, Beijing retaliated by suspending exports of certain food products to the island.

According to Bloomberg News, the suspension includes "some fish and fruit imports," as well as "natural sand used in construction."

The Financial Times said that China "suspend(ed) (imports of) 2,000 food products," along with "suspend(ing) exports of natural sand" to Taiwan.

Beijing's Mainland Affairs Council deputy chair, Chiu Chui-cheng, said the following:

"In the past, China hit single products from the primary sector such as specific fruit or fish."

In "that way, (it) kept the overall macroeconomic impact on Taiwan limited but could target regions where the (ruling) Democratic Progressive party is strong."

"But now (Beijing is) broadening this immensely as (it's) targeting processed foods, so what's going on is much more broad-based. 

"This is probably only the beginning."

"We are certain that (China) will further step up (its) economic coercion measures."

According to the FT, Beijing's suspension "cover(s) 35 categories including fish and seafood, edible oils, citrus fruits and biscuits and cakes, hitting publicly listed companies such as instant noodle and soy sauce producer Ve Wong and Chi Mei, which makes frozen foods."

At this time, China's likely short-term import and export suspensions are largely shots across the bow warnings to Taiwan.

Economist Ma Tieying said the following:

"What needs to be watched is whether Beijing will broaden the trade bans into the manufacturing sector, particularly semiconductors/electronics going forward."

China is Taiwan's largest trade partner, bilateral volume last year totaling $328.3 billion, around 52% from the island to the mainland.

Beijing relies on imports of Taiwanese semiconductors.

The island exports about one-fifth of its agricultural products to the mainland.

Chinese media reported that the country's General Administration of Customs suspended imports of "refrigerated large-head hair-tail and frozen Japanese horse mackerel from Taiwan." 

Taiwan's state-controlled CNA said that the mainland temporarily halted imports of from "over 100 Taiwanese food manufacturers, including the well-known brands I-Mei Foods, Wei Chuan and Kuai Kuai Co."

According to Taiwan's Council of Agriculture (COA):

Hundreds of temporarily "blacklisted companies include producers of tea leaves, dried fruits, honey, cocoa beans, and vegetables, as well as catches from around 700 fishing vessels."

Separately, CNA said China largely, but not entirely, suspended imports of coffee beans, stuffed pasta and bread, health foods and supplements, baby food and formula, foods for medicinal purposes, plant based oil, candy, beverages, cereal-based products, seasonings and condiments.

Center for Counter Hegemonic Studies' director, Tim Anderson, believes that Pelosi's provocative visit was planned to trigger US confrontation with China in similar fashion to its proxy war on Russia, adding:

"Imagine if the Chinese military went into Puerto Rico or some other part of the US territories."

"It's unacceptable, and I can't say that any good would come out of it."

The Biden regime provoked Russia to launch its SMO in self-defense.

A similar strategy appears in play against China.