Pfizer's Mass Deception

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Pfizer's Mass Deception

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Pfizer's website features mass deception over truth and full disclosure.

The same applies to all Pharma producers of hazardous drugs to be shunned, never used.

On March 31, a Pfizer statement falsely said its experimental, high-risk, unapproved, DNA altering mRNA covid-jabbing drug "demonstrated 100% efficacy and robust antibody responses, exceeding those reported in trial of vaccinated 16-25 year old participants in an earlier analysis, and was well tolerated (sic)."

No "urgency" exists to expand use of this experimental drug to anyone — notably not to teen-aged or younger children who are near 100% certain to recover fully from seasonal flu-renamed covid if contract the illness.

Pfizer's sought expanded emergency use authorization for its mRNA drug is all about maximum profit-making.

It has nothing to do with preserving and protecting health and well-being of anyone — young, old or in-between.

If taken as directed, a high risk exists to contract flu now called covid as well as any number of serious diseases near-or-longer-term.

What Western governments, their pubic health handmaidens, Pharma, and media press agents conceal is what's most important for everyone to know.

The above sources have been lying and mass deceiving the public virtually daily for over a year.

They continue pushing mass-jabbing with hazardous to health drugs that demand rejection, not acceptance.

Pfizer's March 31 press release was an exercise in mass deception.

Nothing remotely warrants mandates forced on unwitting people in the West, Israel and elsewhere since early last year.

Nothing justifies mass-jabbing with experimental, high-risk, rushed to market covid drugs when safe, effective, low-cost ones exist for individuals needing meds.

Most people contracting flu, now called covid, recover normally with no medications.

Pushing mass-jabbing with experimental covid drugs is based on mass deception, not science.

Harm alone can come from covid mRNA drugs and vaccines. Below is what the European Medicines Agency (EMA) reported for the early December to March 20 period:

Jabbing for covid in Europe caused 199,213 adverse events — including many serious ones.

Mass-jabbing also caused 4,576 deaths.

According to Health and Human Services in the US, officially reported adverse events and deaths from mass-jabbing are less than 1% of the actual total.

If the same mostly or entirely holds for Europe — what's most likely — the above numbers are a minute fraction of injuries and deaths from covid mass-jabbing.

Most likely, millions of unwitting people have been harmed throughout the West.

And the toll so far is a small fraction of much greater numbers to follow if mass-activism doesn't demand a halt to toxifying Western societies.

Four experimental covid drugs are being used in Europe. Below is the casualty count for each one — based on EMA data that's likely a minute snapshot of far greater numbers:

Pfizer's mRNA drug: 121,514 casualties

Moderna's mRNA drug: 9,625 casualties, the much lower number reflecting its minimal use in Europe compared to Pfizer's drug in much greater use.

AstraZeneca: 107,733 casualties.

Use of Johnson & Johnson's covid vaccines just began so no meaningful casualty count is available so far. 

After over 20 European countries halted use of AstraZeneca's hazardous covid vaccine because or blood-clotting issues, then OK'd resumed use of the drug, its ban continues in Norway and now Germany.

On Tuesday, German health minister Jens Spahn expressed enough concern about blood clotting to once again halt use of the vaccine.

Canada also halted use of the experimental AstraZeneca vaccine for the same reason.

Its National Advisory Committee cited "safety concerns."

How long will it be before more countries halt use of the hazardous to health drug.

Covid mRNA technology and vaccines pose unacceptable hazards to health. Their use should be universally banned. 

If Western and other public health authorities won't act responsibly, citizens and residents of these countries should refuse to be jabbed with what won't protect and risks serious harm or death if used as directed.

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