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Biden Revving Up His War Machine?

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Biden Revving Up His War Machine?

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

As US senator and vice president for nearly half a century, Biden supported US aggression against invented enemies.

He partnered with Obama's preemptive wars on nonbelligerent Libya and Syria, continued inherited wars on Afghanistan and Yemen.

Their troop drawdown from Iraq was head fake deception. The country remains occupied by unwelcome Pentagon forces.

Along with orchestrated coups in Honduras, Paraguay and Brazil, they replaced democracy in Ukraine with Nazi-infested fascist tyranny.

They supported multiple Israeli wars on Occupied Palestine, along with war by other means on nations free from US control.

As selected, not elected, president, Biden's geopolitical team is stacked with hawks.

Are plans afoot for escalated warmaking ahead?

Was pledging "to bring a responsible end to wars that have dragged on for far too long" polar opposite of what his hardline geopolitical team intend?

Was saying he'll "ensure that terrorist threats cannot endanger the security of the American people" code language for continuation of Washington's permanent war on humanity? 

In mid-March, US aggression in Syria will enter its 11th year.

Instead of ending America's fourth longest war in modern times — after Afghanistan, Yemen and Southeast Asia — Biden appears intending to escalate it on the phony pretext of combatting ISIS (again).

Unexplained is that the US created and supports the terrorist group and likeminded ones.

Their jihadists are used as proxy fighters where deployed by the Pentagon and CIA. 

They're recruited, armed, funded, trained, directed, and used to advance US imperial interests in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries.

On Wednesday, Iran's judiciary head Ebrahim Raeisi said the Biden/Harris regime is relocating and "strengthening Daesh (ISIS) in terms of weapons, logistics, intelligence, and other aspects," adding:

"While Iraq, Syria, Iran and regional countries are working together to eliminate the remnants of Daesh, the Americans do nothing but relocate the Daesh terrorists in the region" to continue pursuit of their hegemonic aims.

After withdrawing from Iraq in 2011, US forces were redeployed to the country on the phony pretext of combatting ISIS.

Belying Biden's message about turning a page for peace by ending ongoing US wars, Southfront reported the following:

The US "is returning to a level of activity in the Middle East unseen in nearly 4 years."

Instead of withdrawing US forces from Syria, a buildup of larger numbers is underway.

On Monday, the Pentagon said its mission in the country is once again combatting ISIS (sic).

The announcement came after the terrorist group's force strength in the country was increased by its US handlers — a convenient pretext for escalating war in Syria instead of ending it once and for all.

Southfront noted "a massive shift in posture (by) the US," terrorist infested Idlib province the main battleground in Syria.

Building up ISIS forces in Syria and elsewhere assures continued wars and no US regional withdrawal.

Are things on the cusp of escalated US war in Syria and perhaps elsewhere?

Last week, AMN News reported that Syrian forces were engaged in "fierce battles" with ISIS in central parts of the country.

Around the same time, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported the following:

Israel carried out "air aggression from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan with bursts of air-to-surface and ground-to-ground missiles, targeting some sites in the southern region."

Since early January, Israel terror-bombed Syria a number of times, "including a massive attack on the eastern governorate of Deir Ezzor near the Iraqi border."

It's part of undeclared Jewish state war on Syria, missiles and rockets most often fired from Lebanese airspace and Occupied Golan.

In late January after Biden replaced Trump, AMN News said southern Syria experienced an increased "wave of violence" by US proxy fighters.

"(A)ttempts to ease the tensions in southern Syria have failed thus far…"

According to the Biden regime's State Department:

The US "supports the UN-facilitated, Syrian-led process mandated by UNSCR 2254 (sic)." 

"There is no military solution to the Syrian conflict (sic)."

Hardliners surrounding Biden falsely blame Syria, Russia and Iran for US aggression with no end of it in prospect ahead under Biden.

Claiming that Washington is committed to defeating ISIS is belied by its actions in support of the terrorist group and likeminded ones.

Deceptively claiming that the US "is the largest single donor to the humanitarian response in Syria" ignores so-called Caesar Syria Civilian Protection legislation (Caesar Act).

Signed by Trump in December 2019, implemented last June, the draconian measure has nothing to do with protecting Syrian civilians.

It's all about wanting them starved into submission to Washington's imperial aims.

In stark contrast to claims about providing vital humanitarian aid to long-suffering Syrians, the measure threatens US sanctions on nations, entities and individuals that help the Syrian Arab Republic and its people.

Endless war on the country continues under Biden.

Based on what's discussed above, things appear heading for escalating US aggression instead of steps to end it altogether.

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