NYT Reinvention of Navalny Falls Flat

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NYT Reinvention of Navalny Falls Flat

by Stephen Lendman stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman

Its credibility long ago lost, the Times continues to find news ways of disgracing its already tattered reputation.

The self-styled newspaper of record is the propaganda arm of US dark forces and predatory corporate interests.

It's notoriously hostile to the rights and welfare of ordinary people, democracy as it should be, and the rule of law.

On Tuesday, it failed in trying to reinvent convicted embezzler, pro-Western fifth column opponent of his native Russia, and political nobody Navalny.

Instead of denouncing his criminal actions, the Times supports them — to its disgrace.

Its editors defied reality by claiming he's "resisting Putin and winning (sic)."

On Wednesday, he was sentenced to 2.8 years in prison for multiple breaches of his suspended sentence for embezzling millions of dollars.

Along with grand theft, he's guilty of sedition and serving as an unregistered agent of a foreign government that's hostile to Russian sovereignty.

NYT hostility toward Russia rears its ugly head repeatedly.

Backing US orchestrated rent-a-mob rallies in Russian cities last weekend and the previous one, the Times falsely blamed the Kremlin for likely planned-in-advance violence by pro-Western hooligans involved.

Navalny is widely reviled or ignored by most Russians.

The Times pretends otherwise. On Tuesday, its editors invented what they called a "gripping power struggle between" Navalny and Putin (sic) — a nonsensical claim about what doesn't exist.

Navalny's 2.8 year sentence leaves him behind bars through late 2023.

A typical litany of bald-faced Big Lies by the Times followed, saying:

Putin "proclaimed himself president for life (sic)."

"With his total control of the courts, the police, the official media and all sorts of sophisticated tools — including lethal chemical agents — Mr. Putin can keep Mr. Navalny in prison forever or arrange a fatal 'accident (sic).' "

"Navalny has succeeded through raw courage and perseverance in putting Mr. Putin on the defensive (sic)."

A "You Tube video show(s) the obscenely opulent palace Mr. Putin was building himself on the Black Sea (sic)."

No Putin "palace" exists anywhere!

Putin dispatched Navalny "to a labor camp, and thus transform him into a powerful symbol of resistance (sic)."

The above rubbish exceeds the worst of long ago Joseph Goebbels-type tripe — from the self-styled newspaper of record in its own mind. 

More of the same followed, an endless stream of Times misinformation, disinformation, fake news and Big Lies — what it's infamous for.

Evidence suggests (Navalny) was nearly poisoned to death in August by the secret police (sic)," the Times falsely claimed.

No such evidence exists. No poisoning occurred, no harm done him by the Kremlin.

Russian doctors involved in treating him after falling ill en route to Moscow saved his life for what was diagnosed as a metabolic disorder.

If poisoned by a deadly novichok nerve agent as falsely claimed, he'd have died in minutes after exposure.

No "vast (pro-Navalny) movement" exists in Russia as the Times falsely claimed, no "millions of followers (sic)."

The Times falsely claimed that Putin's "popularity has slid from 36 percent in December 2019 to 20 percent (sic)."

In August 2020, RT reported the following:

"Vladimir Putin's approval rating has reached a six-month high…hitting 66 percent."

Last October, RT said his public approval rose to 69%.

Popularity this high greatly exceeds how his US and other Western counterparts fare.

According to RT, Putin "and his movement continue to enjoy considerable popular backing."

"This phenomenon has long exercised the minds of Western analysts, who struggle to understand why the Russian people would give their support to a government which, in the analysts' minds, is thoroughly unworthy of it." 

"Seeking an explanation, many have insisted that the primary reason is that Russians' brains have been addled by relentless pro-government propaganda spewed out by state-controlled TV channels."

The above explanation is pure rubbish, much like what the Times and other Big Media feature daily.

Putin's popularity remains high because because he governs responsibly, backs the rule of law, and respects the rights of all Russians.

His high standards are polar opposite how duplicitous Western politicians operate.

Instead of publishing all the news it calls fit to print, the Times consistently features managed news rubbish — lying to its readers instead of informing them accurately about world and national issues.

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