Trump's Final Remarks as President

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Trump's Final Remarks as President

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman

While inaugural ceremonies are underway to install an unelected president and vice president in office, Trump delivered his final remarks as president before departing aboard Air Force One for Florida.

He's a figure and supporting cast I won't miss.

Yet I fear the worst by his replacement and Dem-controlled Congress.

After spending four years sharply criticizing Trump's domestic and geopolitical policies, what's coming I fear may be much worse than during DJT's tenure.

When transition of power occurs in Washington, dirty business as usual doesn't miss a beat.

All too often, thing worsen, my expectation ahead with undemocratic Dems in charge.

Their militant hostility to peace,  stability, and government of, by and for everyone will become apparent ahead after a transition period.

Eight years of Obama/Biden were nightmarish for ordinary people at home and abroad.

The next four years may go beyond the worst of their tenure, including perhaps by launching new wars along with continuing ongoing ones.

War on ordinary Americans is highly likely to continue and worsen, perhaps including mandated vaccine passports for employment, education, and access to public places.

Biden/Harris are going all-out to push people to be vaxxed for seasonal flu renamed covid that won't protect and may cause serious illness(es) or death if taken as directed.

It's a cutting-edge issue I've dwelled on throughout most of last year into this one — sounding the alarm along with many others.

We're warning about a potential calamity in the making if enough Americans and others abroad are manipulated to do what may greatly harm them.

For personal health, well-being and safety, it's crucial to refuse vaxxing for covid that's seasonal flu needing none of it because in 99.7% of cases, recovery follows viral infection that at worst is a few uncomfortable days that pass with no complications.

In his final remarks as president, I'll go easy on Trump as opposed to how I've ripped his addresses and tweets while in office — to set the record, along with sharply criticizing his policies.

As he returns to private life, I prefer to quote him with few challenging remarks of my own.

I had my say for four years. It's all there in my many articles on his time in office with no punches pulled.

That time is past, my focus and energy focused on what's coming, much less on what's passed.

Trump called his journey in office "an incredible four years."

He thanked his family, friends, staff, and others who traveled with him while in office.

He thanked his chief of staff Mark Meadow who stuck with him and his wife Melania — calling her "a woman of great grace and beauty and dignity."

Asking her to say a few words, she said that being "first lady was (her) greatest honor."

Like many times before, Trump's hyperbole about what he claimed to accomplish before departing Washington defied reality, but in deference to his final day in office, I'll go easy on him instead of the other way around while including a few truth-telling remarks.

The stock market in nose bleed territory is unrelated to dire Main Street conditions because of economic collapse on his watch.

His claim about "incredible things happening (with) incredible numbers…coming in belie the Greatest Main Street Depression in US history that's likely to be protracted, the worst probably ahead.

At the 11th hour, Trump pardoned or gave clemency to nearly 150 individuals while omitting Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange.

The "rocket ship up" economy he claimed is nonexistent on shipwrecked Main Street.

According to the National Economic Council, it's "spiraling downward."

With unemployment exceeding 26%, not the phony lowball BLS number, the state of working America is worse than during the depths of the 1930s Great Depression.

What Trump called "the greatest country in the world" is at war on humanity at home and abroad.

What he called "the greatest economy in the world" is for the nation's 1%, the vast majority of others excluded.

Covid vaccines he and Biden/Harris support are hazardous to health and don't protect as I've explained many times.

He correctly noted having gotten more reelection votes than any previous candidate for the nation's highest office.

Millions of votes attributed to Biden were stolen from him.

Trump left unsaid what he and his legal team tried but were unable to undo — that Election 2020 was stolen by brazen fraud.

He won. Biden/Harris lost. They were just illegitimately sworn into office while he was airborne for the last time on Air Force One heading for his Florida home.

Before departing, he wished Biden/Harris "great luck and great success."

He ended his remarks, saying "(w)e will see you soon…Thank you very much."

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You are confusing your apparent personal bias with analysis and your issues with Trump's personality with deception. I remain convinced that for any semblance of freedom to remain in the USA, given that globalists have our Constitutional Republic by the nuts, given the National Socialism that the Biden-Harris-CCP coalition bring, the evidence that Trump possesses will be wielded again, at the right time and soon. He won by a landslide! I am curious why the USA military has not stepped forward with this evidence as yet? There can only be one of 3 reasons. 1 - President Trump and his family have been threatened 2 - The USA has been threatened with a war that would be attributed to him 3 - President Trump actually sides with either the Rothschild or Swiss factions and was never genuine. I cannot possibly be that naive. Perhaps you are not aware that the destruction of the USA is what you voted for. You though cannot possibly be that naive.