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Holiday Season Ill Tidings

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Holiday Season Ill Tidings

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Holiday season 2020 is unlike any other in US history because of diabolical/state-sponsored ill tidings.

The other way around is perhaps over throughout the year henceforth.

Dystopian brave new world order great reset ruler/serf societies in the West and elsewhere likely replaced it.

It's all about exploiting most people worldwide so privileged ones benefit more than already.

What's nightmarish for most of humanity is the promised land for wealth, power and privileged interests.

A permanent US/West mass-underclass is building in plain sight — supported by establishment media instead of exposing and denouncing what's going on.

The US I grew up in long ago no longer exists — replaced by neoliberal harshness on steroids.

Economist John Williams reengineers US economic data as calculated before rigging it post-1980s.

His latest report highlights continued US (Main Street) economic collapse — the Greatest Depression in US history.

Likely to worsen ahead before easing at an unknown later time, he forecasts "severe systemic structural damage" with no end of it "into 2022 or beyond."

Year-to-date US inflation is 8.8%, not the phony BLS reported 1.2%.

Americans who eat, drive cars, pay rent, service mortgages, have medical bills, heat and/or air condition homes, and have kids in college know more about inflation than talking head tout TV and government economists.

Real unemployment is 26.3%, not the phony 6.7%. 

At the height of the 1930s Great Depression, it was 25%. 

New Deal jobs-creation programs cut it to 11%.

It was before WW II created full employment when women in the US entered the workforce in unprecedented numbers because 12 million men went off to war.

Today, unprecedented numbers of US households are impoverished, food insecure, and struggling daily to get by.

According to a November Agriculture Department report, over 17 million US households (about 50 million people) lacked enough income for adequate amounts of food — last year.

According to Feeding America, one-fourth of US children today are food insecure. They and their families are unsure about what's most essential from one day to the next.

For millions of Americans enduring deprivation as a way of life, things were never worse than this year.

Looking ahead, hard times are likely to be more severe for most people in the US at a time of greatest need because of government dismissiveness toward providing enough aid.

Most congressional members rejected Trump's call for $2,000 stimulus checks to most US households — not the "ridiculously low" one-time $600.

Former hardline/anti-progressive Bill and Hillary Clinton regime Treasury secretary Larry Summers stoked outrage by falsely claiming that $2,000 "would actually be a pretty serious mistake that would risk a temporary (economic) overheat(ing) (sic)."

Ignored by Summers was over $9 trillion of Fed created free money to Wall Street for speculative excess and pathetically little at most by Congress for economic growth when most needed.

He also ignored billions of dollars by Congress to US imperial partners for advancing their hostile agendas — notably $3.8 billion to Israel for state terror against Palestinians and cross-border aggression.

Wall Street on (WSOP) noted the hardest of hard times this year into next and likely beyond, saying:

"Millions of Americans will remember this Christmas as the bleakest moment in their lives." 

"They lost their jobs…can't pay their rent or adequately feed their families." 

"They are stressing out over the possibility of getting sick…because their health insurance was attached to their job – both of which are now gone."

During yearend holiday season 2020, most Americans are struggling daily to get by.

In stark contrast, privileged interests never had things better, especially on Wall Street, WSOP saying:

The Street is "running wild with unchecked corruption (at a time of) unprecedented income inequality (and Main Street) economic calamity."

"(A) proven background in preying on average Americans is now a prerequisite for" holding high office — notably at Treasury and the Wall Street owned and controlled Fed.

Calvin Coolidge once said the business of America is business.

Today it's predatory capitalism, speculative excess, deep-seated corruption, and war on humanity at home and abroad.

Think Biden/Harris will move things in a new direction? Think again!

Under them, conditions are likely to reach new depths of inequality, deprivation and despair for millions of long-suffering Americans — along with endless wars abroad on invented enemies.

Before taking office, Biden revealed an example of his dark side. 

After saying he'll provide student debt bondage relief immediately after taking office, he backtracked on Wednesday as follows:

Calling the idea "questionable (sic)," he said he'll "be unlikely to do that" — even though he can do it straightaway by executive order on day one in office.

Throughout his near-half century as US senator and vice president, he one-sidedly supported privileged interests at the expense of peace, stability, and public well-being he's always been dismissive toward.

Throughout its history, America was never beautiful, Biden one of many examples why.

Today the nation being transformed into dystopia for most of its people.

Things worsening, not improving, no matter which right wing of the US one-party state runs things.

The nation I remember long ago is gone. Endless war on humanity at home and abroad replaced it.

Already unsafe and unfit to live in, things ahead will likely sink to new depths of dystopian harshness while wealth and power interests enjoy the best of times.

The road to hell pursued by the nation's ruling class is paved with ill-intentions.

If mass activism fails to resist what's unacceptable, we're all doomed.

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