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NYT Fake News Harmful to Human Health and Well-Being

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NYT Fake News Harmful to Human Health and Well-Being

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

In daily editions, the NYT features a hazardous to human health mass deception campaign.

Defying hard truths, it's pushing toxic covid vaccines, harmful face masks, and nonsense about herd immunity.

Instead of truth and full disclosure on these issues, it features a daily diet of Big Lies and mass deception.

It falsely claimed that fast-tracked, inadequately tested, experimental covid vaccines are "safe and 95% effective (with) no serious side effects."

It lied saying they "prevent mild and severe forms of" covid and are as effective for older adults as younger ones.

It's pushing unhealthy, ineffective face mask-wearing.

An earlier headline falsely claimed: "Masks Work. Really. We'll Show You How."

Separately, it falsely claimed that "masks are necessary to slow the pandemic (by) shield(ing) people from the virus…It's like a herd effect."

What's promoted as "herd immunity" by the Times and other sources ignore what's most important. More on this below.

All vaccines are hazardous because of harmful to human health toxins they contain.

Vaccines to the rescue don't work as claimed.

They risk causing diseases they're supposed to protect against.

They produce customers for other harmful to human health drugs, the more taken, the more harm they can cause.

They all risk harm from possible side effects. In combination the risk greatly increases.

Illness in the US is a growth industry because of over-reliance on drugs and unhealthy lifestyle practices.

Mass-vaxxing compounds the threat to human health and well-being.

The 2016 documentary film "Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe" exposes CDC corruption and fraud in deference to private industry profit-making — why it should be called the sickness, not the healthcare, industry.

Safety and efficacy claims by Pharma, the CDC, and their media press agents about vaccines are unsupported by scientific evidence. 

Polar opposite is true. Vaccines are hazardous to human health, not beneficial.

Rushed development of covid vaccines makes them especially dangerous to use as directed.

What's going on is all about promoting maximum profits at the expense of human health.

There's an alarming correlation between numbers of childhood vaccinations and illnesses among children, as well as autoimmune diseases in adults.

What the Times and other establishment media should report, they suppress.

CDC claims about vaccine safety, including new ones for covid, are utter nonsense. 

No such thing as vaccine safety and effectiveness exists.

Face masks are ineffective and potentially hazardous.

Peer-reviewed studies showed that all masks are porous. They have microscopic holes to permit breathing.

Without them, wearers would suffocate. 

Viral respiratory diseases are transmitted by tiny aerosol particles able to penetrate face masks, the same true for respirators.

Public health authorities in the US, West, and elsewhere know this.

Yet in cahoots with Pharma and other dark forces, they falsely claim otherwise.

Longterm use of face masks permits pathogens to accumulate in them that are inhaled by wearers.

Promoting their use is science-denial.

Critical care physician/public health expert Pascal Sacre explained that "(c)ontinuous wearing of masks aggravates the risk of infection."

"(S)cientific and medical analysis" proved it.

"(A)ir, once exhaled, is heated, humidified and charged with CO2." 

"It becomes a perfect culture medium for infectious agents (bacteria, fungi, viruses)."

Their longterm use "is a scientific and medical aberration!"

What's recommended or mandated in the US, West, and elsewhere — promoted by establishment media fake news — is harmful to human health.

So-called herd immunity is more myth than reality.

The concept is used to push hazardous vaccines and ineffective/harmful face masks.

Good health is best protected by proper nutrition, avoiding harmful GMO foods and ingredients, regular exercise, proper hygiene, no smoking, limited or no alcohol use, sufficient rest, good sanitation to stay free from environmental toxins, and other ways to minimize susceptibility to sickness.

All of the above promote strong immune systems.

When weak, individuals are most vulnerable to repeated bouts of sickness — what vaccines and other drugs won't protect against.

What public health authorities and mass media should promote, they suppress or ignore in deference to the US/Western sickness industry.

If Americans and others in the West were educated on proper health practices — starting at a young age — the sickness industry that's supported instead would be a shadow of its current state.

All of the above is what the Times and other mass media should feature regularly but don't.

Instead they go the other way — supporting what harms human health, and suppressing what protects it.

They back monied interests over human health, manipulating the public mind to accept what's hazardous, not beneficial to public health and well-being.

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