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Mob rule has arrived by Ron Paul/Campaign for Liberty

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With the election results still in limbo two days after the vote was held -- and even charges of vote fraud -- America faces a crisis of confidence in the electoral system that is on the verge of unleashing the mob onto the streets. A delegitimized occupant in the presidency is not the worst thing from a libertarian perspective, but the mob gathering steam is a danger to all. How will it all play out?

There have always been backroom deals and dirty tricks in politics. I clearly remember the Chicago-style politics, and of course, the Watergate scandal from the early 70's.

But we live in a different era now, and unfortunately, things have gotten worse.

What's really amazing though is the mob-acracy we have now. Democracy has led to mob rule. What I mean by that is that some elected officials have taken the power in their majority to shut the minority out of the process.

Even worse though is unelected bureaucrats are making up rules as they go along and are shutting the people out of the process . . . the transparency of elections is being thrown into the dumpster along with our liberty.

I'm reading case after case of election officials not allowing in independent observers or representatives of the campaigns to make sure everything is on the up and up. In Detroit, election officials covered up windows so ballot counters couldn't be seen by outsiders . . . and opened up the possibility of fraud.

Chaos is the goal for all that is going on. The chaos is a victory for the radical Marxists. They are now saying "this freedom business is horrible" and freedom isn't fair.

Gary, we are being set up.

The irony is that the government is notorious for getting into our lives more and more and spying on American citizens more and more. But when the election to select the leader of the free world comes about, and it wasn't a surprise we were having an election, our government is so ill-prepared to have a proper and fair election.

How can the states not count votes within a day? How are the states "finding" boxes with tens of thousands of ballots, all for Joe Biden?!

And then to top it off, observers aren't allowed to watch the votes counted.

Perhaps the lesson is that the government really can't be trusted.

And if we can't trust our government to run a free and fair election, how can we expect them to run our healthcare? Or mandate we all wear masks or get a vaccine that might not be safe?

These are unique times, and you and I must remain vigilant.

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For liberty,

Ron Paul