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WaPo Questions Trump Regime Iran Deception

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WaPo Questions Trump Regime Iran Deception

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

The Trump regime's assassination of widely revered Iranian General Qassem Soleimani was and remains part of its larger-scale anti-Iran agenda.

Killing him had nothing to do with acting against an "imminent threat" to US regional embassies, nothing to "stop a war," — everything to do with Trump regime war on Iran by other means turned hot by the assassination.

A state of undeclared war now exists between the US and Iran because of Trump's reckless action.

On Sunday, Trump regime war secretary Esper said there's no evidence of an Iranian threat to US regional diplomatic facilities — exposing Trump and Pompeo as liars for claiming otherwise.

The neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post said Trump regime officials "offered (no) single explanation for why the assassination (of Soleimani) was carried out," adding:

"(T)heir story has changed numerous times…much more…going on" than officially reported.

On the day Soleimani was murdered, US special forces tried and failed to kill Abdul Reza Shahlai, a senior Iranian Quds Force commander in Yemen — according to "four (unnamed Trump regime) officials familiar with the matter," WaPo reported.

What's going on appears to be US war on Iran's key Quds Force officials — claiming Soleimani's assassination aimed to prevent an imminent attack on US embassies the phony cover story.

WaPo: If "Shahlai was planning to attack American forces" or facilities in the region…Yemen wouldn't be the place to do it."

House Dems criticized the phony explanation given by Trump and Pompeo for Soleimani's assassination, one Dem asking:

"Was Shahlai an imminent threat (to the US)? I think not."

Former State Department official/Dem House member Tom Malinowski asked if the Trump regime's "objective (is) to weaken the Quds Force irrespective of any intelligence about imminent attacks on Americans, then where does that end? And is it over?"

If Trump orders more Iranian military commanders or officials killed, he's risking all-out regional war, Tehran certain to hit back hard against the US regional presence.

Iran considers Israel, the Saudis, and other US regional imperial partners legitimate targets for retaliation against Trump regime aggression.

Last week, Trump falsely said Iran was "looking to blow up our embassy" in Baghdad — a bald-faced Big Lie.

Last Friday, Pompeo turned truth on its head, claiming "Soleimani was actively planning new attacks, and he was looking very seriously at our embassies and not just the embassy in Baghdad" — another bald-faced Big Lie.

Will four GOP senators ally with House and Senate Dems in support of the House passed war powers resolution (the number needed) to prevent greater regional war without congressional authorization?

Given disturbing actions by Trump and hardliners surrounding him in the new year, WaPo said "it indicates…how much we do not know about what (it's) secretly up to."

Over the weekend during a news conference in Moscow with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Putin warned of greater Middle East war than already because of hostile US actions against Iran.

Large-scale regional conflict would be "catastroph(ic) (for) the Middle East (and) the whole world," he warned, including "huge damage to the global economy."

He stressed the importance of saving the JCPOA nuclear deal the Trump regime, Britain, France, Germany, and the EU abandoned by breaching their mandated obligations.

Iran is "entitled to support from European nations," said Putin. It hasn't been forthcoming, no evidence suggesting a change of EU policy ahead.

The Middle East is a hotbed of violence and instability because of the US presence and rage to dominate the region.

Russia supports resolution of ongoing conflicts to restore peace and stability to a part of the world where it's been absent for decades.

Endless US wars of aggression threaten larger-scale conflicts instead of responsibly stepping back from the brink for peace in our time — a notion bipartisan US hardliners reject.

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