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Iranians Commemorate End of US Den of Espionage

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Iranians Commemorate End of US Den of Espionage

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

US embassies worldwide are platforms for CIA spying and manipulation of events in host countries.

February 11th marked the 40th anniversary of Iran's 1979 revolution — ending a generation of fascist tyranny under US-installed puppet Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.

November 4 marks the 40th anniversary of the nonviolent takeover of the US embassy in Tehran by Iranian students — what they justifiably called a "den of espionage."

At the time, 66 US embassy staff were nonviolently detained and well-treated, 14 women and African Americans released, 52 other held for 444 days.

Islamic Republic founder Ayatollah Sayyid Ruhollah Khomeini called the embassy takeover a "second revolution."

Events of that time were and remain turned on their head by US officials and Hollywood mythmakers.

Students involved were nonviolent, calm, orderly youths. Hollywood reinvented what happened, the film Argo focusing on a little-known episode during the 1979/1980 period when 52 Americans were held captive.

Nothing about ending a generation of tyrannical rule was covered in the film. The highly acclaimed 2012 picture took top honors at the 85th Academy Awards — despite its gross misportrayal of events.

It was and remains Iranophobic reinvented history. There was nothing remotely redeeming about it — fiction, not fact, unrelated to what happened.

Scenes were fabricated. US captives were well-treated, not abused.

On Monday, Iranians commemorated events of November 4, 1979. Documents in the US embassy seized by students provided evidence of a CIA plot to undermine the Islamic Republic.

On Sunday, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said the roots of US policies toward Iran date from the CIA's 1953 coup, ousting democratically elected Mohammad Mossadeq, a figure the NYT at the time called "the most popular politician in the country."

Khamenei: "The Americans distort history and pretend that the Iran-US disputes stem from the takeover of the US embassy." 

"No! It goes back to the 1953 coup d'etat, when the US overthrew a national government – which, of course, had made the mistake of trusting the United States - and established its corrupt and puppet government in Iran."

He repeated the "ban on negotiation(s) with the United States."

"Iran will not hold talks with the US at any level," he stressed, adding: It's vital to "block the way of the enemy's infiltration, display the Islamic Republic's impressiveness to the world, and shatter America's false aura before the world."

From 1953 to today, US imperial designs on Iran haven't changed.

"The same wickedness, the same brutishness, the same compulsion to establish international dictatorship and the same endless urge for hegemony still exist in America today, albeit with more savagery and cruelty," Khamenei stressed.

He called talks with Washington "futile, (aiming) to bring the Islamic Republic to its knees and tell the world that maximum pressure and sanctions finally yielded results."

"Nothing will come out of negotiation(s) with the Americans, because they will certainly and definitely not make any concessions."

The US doesn't negotiate. It demands — in return for empty promises to be broken. Abandonment of the JCPOA nuclear deal, INF Treaty, along with unacceptable demands on North Korea and other nations are clear examples of how the US operates.

November 4 commemorations began in Tehran in front of the former US embassy.

Millions of Iranians turned out nationwide, joined by ruling authority officials. 

Scores of foreign reporters and photojournalists covered events of the day, along with an estimated 2,000 Iranian journalists nationwide.

Banners were displayed denouncing US belligerence and hostility toward the Islamic Republic. US flags were burned, symbolically expressing anger about its imperial rage to dominate other countries.

For 40 years, the Islamic Republic of Iran withstood US efforts to return the country to client state status.

Its ruling authorities prevented US aims to undermine the revolution, control the nation, loot its resources, and exploit its people.

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