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Pompeo, Bolton, Pence, and Netanyahu Address Christian Fascist Group for Israel

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Pompeo, Bolton, Pence, and Netanyahu Address Christian Fascist Group for Israel

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

The John Hagee-led Christians United for Israel (CUFI) is a lunatic-fringe, hard-right Christian fascist religious fundamentalist group — seeking theocratic dominion in the US, allying with neocons in Washington in pursuit of its objectives.

Its messianic mission cloaks itself deceptively in Christian values and patriotism. Some critics call its leadership the Christian mafia. The group is well-funded by wealthy and powerful US right-wing elements.

Sara Diamond wrote extensively on right-wing extremist groups in America, including the anti-communist movement, hard-right segregationists, bipartisan neocons in Washington, and evangelical Christian fascists, Mike Pence a card-carrying member.

Their ideological extremism features support for militarism, warmaking, and predatory capitalism, opposition to social justice, racial hatred, white Christian supremacy, adoration of and submissiveness to movement leaders, opposition to free and independent expression and ideas, male gender dominance, hatred of non-heterosexuals, disdain for nonbelievers, fanatical support for Israel, and other false gospel notions.

The power of their message manipulates gullible, narrow-minded adherents to submissiveness.

With its millions of mind-manipulated members, John Hagee's CUFI is the most over-the-top, hate-mongering, anti-democratic, bellicose Christian fascist group in the US. His solution for saving Western civilization is preemptive war on Islam, Iran his prime target.

Along with Pence and Netanyahu, Pompeo and Bolton addressed CUFI at its annual July 8 and 9 annual event, rallying its faithful for anti-Iran hate-mongering.

Addressing thousands of faithful in attendance, Hagee said "14 years ago, I invited 400 of America's leading evangelicals to come to Cornerstone Church in San Antonio to give birth to CUFI." 

"Today…we are seven million-plus standing united in defense of Israel and" Zionist ideological extremism.

Activists for peace, equity, and justice were at the gathering, interrupting addresses, chanting 

Zionism is racist…Counter CUFI…Support BDS." Challenge apartheid Israel.

Ahead of Tuesday's event, attended by CodePink activists to voice views opposite to what CUFI supports, the group denounced its extremism, saying the following:

Its leadership "promotes continuing Israeli colonization of Palestinian land and legislation repressing our right to boycott for justice for the Palestinian people."

"CUFI actively works to undermine the Palestinian freedom struggle and our solidarity movement. That's why CODEPINK is joining our partners Rise Against Racism and Counter CUFI."

"We must reject CUFI's right-wing agenda that advances Zionism, racism, and antisemitism. CUFI cynically supports Zionism out of a hatred and exploitation of Jews because they believe the state of Israel will hasten a prophecy of the return of Christ, and denies Palestinians their humanity." 

"CUFI's founder John Hagee has a long history of spewing Islamophobic, antisemitic, anti-LGBTQIA, and racist ideology."

Remarks by Trump regime ideologues featured anti-Iran hate-mongering. Pompeo lied calling Israel "the only truly free nation throughout the entire Middle East…respect(ing) religious freedom" — for Jews alone, militantly hostile to Palestinian rights.

He lied accusing Iran of lacking religious freedom. Jews and Christians in the majority Muslim country are free to practice their faith unobstructed — polar opposite how Israel persecutes Palestinians for praying to the wrong God.

Pompeo lied accusing Iran of "efforts to destroy the state of Israel." No such efforts exist from a republic that never attacked another nation — what the US, NATO and Israel do repeatedly, what naked aggression is all about.

Bolton turned truth on its head, calling the JCPOA "the worst diplomatic debacle in American history." Ignoring US aggression in multiple theaters, he ludicrously claimed "the world is changing for the better and the American people are safer" because of the Trump regime's (extremist) geopolitical agenda.

Pompeo, Bolton, Pence, and Netanyahu rallied CUFI attendees against Iran, promoting their extremist agenda, repeating the Big Lie about Tehran seeking nuclear weapons, promoting war on the Islamic Republic.

CUFI leadership supports it. The US, NATO, Israel, their imperial partners, and right-wing extremist groups like CUFI threaten world peace and freedom-loving people everywhere.

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