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Haaretz Anti-Syria Propaganda

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Haaretz Anti-Syria Propaganda

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

On issues about Syria, Haaretz resembles US-led Western media, featuring all propaganda all the time, suppressing hard truths about US-launched war for regime change and isolating Iran, raging without resolution in its ninth year.

Like its Western media counterparts, Haaretz pretends US/Israeli supported cutthroat killer terrorists are moderate rebels. It calls US naked aggression in the country "civil war" — despite nothing remotely "civil" about it.

The broadsheet calls police state Israel "democratic," a nation run by fascist extremists, Zionist ideologues, and religious fundamentalists — treating Palestinians as viciously as Nazi Germany mistreated Jews.

It denigrates overwhelmingly popular Syrian President Assad, calling his legitimate government a "regime" — the term applicable to the US, other Western countries, Israel, and their rogue partners in high crimes.

It considers preemptive Israel terror-bombing of Syrian targets self-defense, pretending it's about an Iranian and Hezbollah threat that doesn't exist.

The broadsheet lied, accusing Russia of "aggression" in Ukraine and unlawfully annexing Crimea, both claims untrue.

Responding to Haaretz and other media saying Russia might seek a reduction in US sanctions in return for the Kremlin agreeing to expel Iran from Syria, its Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called the claim "laughable and not serious."

Iranian military advisors, not combat forces, are in Syria at Assad's request, both nations allied in combating the scourge of US/Israeli supported terrorists.

In its latest edition, Haaretz turned truth on its head, accusing Syrian forces of "bombing civilians…target(ing) everything: bakeries, hospitals, markets…aim(ing) to stop all services to civilians" — a bald-faced Big Lie.

The US, NATO, Israel, the Saudis, UAE and Turkey use these terror tactics, not Syrian or Russia forces.

An AP News piece Haaretz featured was filled with managed news misinformation and disinformation — disgraceful Big Lies like what's been reported throughout the war, falsely blaming Syria for high crimes committed against the country and its people.

Citing anti-government sources paid to lie, Haaretz published malicious propaganda reported by AP News, falsely accusing Syrian forces of terror tactics it had nothing to do with.

So-called "(m)onitors (sic) say the pattern of strikes clearly show that, far from being collateral damage, civilian homes, businesses and infrastructure are intentional targets of the government," it reported — a bald-faced Big Lie.

Haaretz and Western media suppress Pentagon-led terror-bombing of Syrian infrastructure, residential communities, and at times government forces.

The rape and destruction of Raqqa in 2017 by US-led NATO forces turned most of the city to rubble, massacring countless thousands of defenseless civilians on the phony pretext of combating ISIS, created and supported by the US.

Haaretz and Western media largely ignored the carnage, pretending what continued from June to October 2017 was a liberating campaign.

When it ended, Haaretz lied, saying the city "was wrested away from the hands of (the) Islamic State," claiming it was "liberat(ed)," pretending mass slaughter and destruction benefitted the Syrian people.

The campaign was the low point of devastation inflicted on them by US rage to gain another imperial trophy, along with Israeli rage to eliminate a rival power and isolate Iran, urging war on the country by the US to eliminate its main regional adversary.

Throughout much of the war, Syrian and Russian forces have been falsely blamed time and again for carnage caused by Pentagon-led terror-bombing.

It's the same terror tactic Israeli warplanes use against defenseless Gazans, supported by Haaretz and other Israeli media instead of condemning Netanyahu-ordered high crimes of war, against humanity, and slow-motion genocide against the Strip's long-suffering two million people.

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