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Project Arizona II Newsletter April 2019

Written by Jacek Spendel Subject: Events: Arizona



We are very thankful to our Friends (over 40 people!) who came to our Fundraiser last week! It was fantastic to have you at this very important event. We are excited to share the information that since last week we raised $6420! The money will be used for 2020 Project Arizona Scholarship Fund. If you consider making your own donation, please go to Anything helps!



Between March 26-28 our students took part in Seminar on American History and Free Market Economics which was specially designed for them. Held in the library of the ASU Program in Political History and Leadership, three days long seminar brought very interesting speakers. We are very grateful for teaching our students pro bono. Please see the list od speakers and their topics below:

Alex Kolodin (Kolodin Law Group) "American Civil Religion"

Richard Lorenc (Foundation for Economic Education) "Entrepreneurship"

Glenn Cripe (Language of Liberty Institute) "American Founding Fathers and Their Principles"

Robert A. Peters (Fully Informed Jury Association) "Lessons from the Tienanmen Square" (movie + lecture)

Krystal Slivinski (Grand Canyon University) "Back to Basics: The Economic Way of Thinking" 

Steve Slivinski (ASU Center for Study of Economic Liberty) "How Economists Explain Big Government"

Ross Emmett (ASU Center for Study of Economic Liberty) "Game Theory / Tragedy of Commons"

David Vequist (University of the Incarnate Word) "Free Markets and Healthcare: The Untold Story"




Our students not only live together during Project Arizona but most of all - they learn a lot from each other. Above you can see a fruit of it: Kaamala Neupane from Nepal published an article about situation in Venezuela. She admits that before Project Arizona her knowledge about Venezuelan situation was somehow limited. She learned a lot from our Venezuelan student Jorge Andrés Galicia Rodríguez and here is the result. Her blog is being read by many people in Nepal (Kaamala is co-founder of Nepal Prosperity Institute) so there will be an impact. We are very proud of her!




Featured in the previous issue of "Project Arizona News" our meeting with a conservative group named The Arizona Project brought a journalist attention. The result is an article published by "The Wanderer". It discusses globalism from our perspective and also touches some stories of our students. Worth reading.




On March 12th we took part in the LIBRE Initiative's event on criminal justice reform. It was mainly a networking meeting during which we met number of amazing members of the broad coalition supporting the reform.


On March 13th we were invited for a dinner at the beautiful house of our dear Friend and Donor, dr Tom Patterson. The time we spent in his gorgeous home in Paradise Valley will be remembered for a long time. Good people are around us!


In late March our students had a fantastic opportunity to meet Professor David Schmidtz from the University of Arizona in Tucson. He was a keynote speaker at the luncheon provided by Institute for Humane Studies. Great lecture at amazing The Phoenician Resort is Scottsdale. 


At one of our Networking Meetings we had a pleasure to host Barry Goldwater Jr: a liberty-lover, former Congressmen, succesfull businessmen, and son of the great Barry Goldwater who ran for President in 1964. Our students received gifts - copies of "The Conscience of a Conservative" by late Barry Goldwater.


Almost everyday brings new meetings but from time to time we need to take a rest. That's why we went to Sedona for some quality hike. Red Rocks Country rocks! 


Last weekend we were learning from Mr. Vadim Fiddle who offered our students a two-days long private seminar on entrepreneurship. Vadim is a successfull entrepreneur who's products are available in over 30 countries around the world. Every August he comes to Lithuania for a CYCLE Camp which is worth your time! 


After we concluded Entrepreneurhip Seminar we went to the Polish Picnic organized by Polish American Congress in Arizona. Great Polish food and very nice people!


Last Tuesday we visited the Goldwater Institute which is a leading free market think-tank not only in Arizona but in the whole country. We were briefed by three Goldwater Institute's Vice Presidents: Christina Sandefur, Timothy Sandefur and Le Templar. Our conversation was centered around the problem of federal takeover of spheres that ought to be controlled either by individuals or local communities. It resonates very well with main theme of the book our students received as gifts: "The Conscience of the Constitution" by Timothy Sandefur. Kudos to Goldwater Institute!


April 2nd was the Arizona Legislature day at Project Arizona! We were guests of the most laissez-faire House Representative Warren Petersen who is the majority leader and just a great statesman. He took us for a tour and briefed on his principles. It's good to have a true Friend of Liberty at the legislature!


Two of our students intern for Arizona Talks so we could not miss yesterday's event on Gen-Z! They are the youngest generation: people born in the new millenium. This event was about their dreams, principles and also different ways of looking at reality around us.


Agnieszka S?owikowska (Project Arizona '2018) launched trial edition of "Economics Lessons for Youth" for open public on National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland. Her audience were teenagers who haven't been introduced to economics yet.

It was absolutely fantastic experience to explain them how two contradicted political system work: central plan and free market. Based on role played game with candies exchange, kids found out what are economic results for people when they make their own choices or when governmental power decides for them with higher costs. We got very satisfying from teachers and students as well. We will redo the performance next year for 100%! - Agnieszka told us. We are big supporters of her mission in Poland! 


April 6-7: "Youth Leadership School" training provided exclusively for Project Arizona by the Leadership Institute. 

April 10: Day at the Ottawa University (lectures & luncheon) in Surprise

April 11: Networking meeting with Marc Victor of Attorneys for Freedom

April 13: Private Investment Seminar with Harold Kraemer, Evening: Party with Freedom's Phoenix in Glendale, AZ

April 15: Rally Against Socialism in Gilbert, AZ (tabling + speech)

April 16: Networking meeting with Alan Korwin (gun rights activist)

April 18: ARG Group Meeting where students will be main speakers

April 22-30: South-West Trip (San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Bryce Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Flagstaff, Grand Canyon) 


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