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Project Arizona News #3 (2019) - INVITATION FOR OUR EVENT ON MARCH 27TH

Written by Jacek Spendel Subject: Events: Arizona



Saturday February 23rd was a special day for us as we were honored to host a true Champion of Liberty, Professor Ken Schoolland, President of the Liberty International. We had a conversation with him about morality of immigration. 


The same day our brave students went to the Elzy Pearson Shooting Range in Casa Grande to excercise gun shooting. Their first time with firearms was preceded by safety training. We learn about the importance of 2nd Amendment but now we can see how things work in reality. That's the Arizonan spirit at its best!


On Sunday February 24th we were invited by our good friend Lance Sherwood to attend Latino Leadership Summit of Turning Point USA. Really good conference. Our students were active (as always!) and asked some good questions.


On Monday 02/24 we attended really great lecture by Austin Petersen, 2016 Libertarian Candidate for President (Primaries) and 2018 Republican Candidate for US Senate in Missouri (Primaries). Austin gave a stunning speech on importance of individualism in the era of collectivism and identity politics. 


Our student from Venezuela, Jorge Galicia Rodríguez, together with our friend Carlos Alfaro visited studios of the Northeast Valley News Radio to conduct interview about socialist crisis in Venezuela. Listen to the podcast HERE. Jorge also appeared in David Harris Jr. show which you can watch HERE from 16th minute on. 


On 02/28 we were honored to take part in Goldwater Institute's event "Howard vs. FDA" which was about the story of innovative medical entrepreneurand his struggle with the FDA which almost killed his company and ruined his life.

We started March with hiking Camelback Mountain in the heart of Phoenix metro. The mountain can be quite treacherous yet it has one of the best views from the top.

It was a great honor to meet Justice Clint Bolick of the Arizona Supreme Court. We had a chance to talk about uniqueness of the American justice system and compared it with examples from our countries. Before becoming Associate Justice he was defending freedom from the other side of the courtroom, in such places as Institute for Justice or Goldwater Institute. 


On 03/06 we did host at our place Dr. Frank Tamburri, naturopathic physician and libertarian radio host. We discussed the question of the worldwide wave of nationalism and other issues such as role of culture. Two hours was not enough!


Last Thursday was very busy! We started in the morning with Ernest Hancock and his Radio Show where another three students (Jorge from Venezuela, Yuri from Russia, Kaamala from Nepal) were thoroughly interviewed. Check the result HERE.


Later during the day we had a pleasure to meet Alfredo J. Molina, a Chairman and CEO of Molina Fine Jewelers and Black, Starr & Frost, America's First Jeweler since 1810. Alfredo's favorite animal is rhino and he is convinced that to be successful, one has to have a really thick skin. He also shared some key factors a man has to possess to achieve success in life.


The final accord of last Thursday was an event "The Crisis of Mass Incarceration in Arizona" put together by coalition supporting criminal justice reform. They screened movie followed by discussion. What is worth to mention - criminal justice reform is an efforts that brings together both right-leaning groups (like Americans for Prosperity) as well as left-leaning groups such as ACLU.


Last Saturday was very special. Later during the day we hiked breath-taking Superstition Mountain. But in the morning we had an honor to take part in Reason Weekend in Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix. Among other things we discussed: socialism in contemporaty American politics, war on drugs, and campus censorship. We met some old friends, made new friends, and just had a great time.


Yesterday (03/11) we were invited by our friends of the Arizona Project to give a presentation. Our students did a fabulous job and truly impressed the audience. People of Arizona Project are very patriotic and it makes them happy that we care about American founding principles and the Constitution.


Mateusz B?aszczyk of Project Arizona 2017

After his return to Poland, Mateusz became involved in starting a new organization. He and his friend founded the Capitalism Center which organized two conferences called the Weekend of Capitalism. Their goal is to promote this economic system and fight the false propaganda. Besides that, Mateusz was writing for a big Polish weekly magazine, Wprost. He is also still involved in the portal and the KoLiber Association.


Myroslava Lohvynenko, Project Arizona 2017

Myra was the youngest Project Arizona participant. She is presently twenty-two years old and is studying at National Kyiv University. Being very good in languages, she works as simultaneous translator. That is why she is interested in translating economic books into Ukrainian. Myroslava is very active. We even had a chance to meet each other again at Liberty Camp and at the Liberty International World Conference in Kracow. Myroslava will also participate in FEEcon 2019 in Atlanta.


March 12th: Grassroots Leadership Academy 

March 13th: Special meeting with dr Tom Patterson

March 14th: "Hayek and Keynes on Economic Liberty" with Brad Bateman (Randolph College), Bruce Caldwell (Duke University) and Scott Scheall (Arizona State University). Event organized by ASU CSEL. 

March 16th: St. Patrick's Day celebration

March 19th: "Excellence, Education, Entrepreneurship, and Human Flourishing" with Margaret Wade (Acton Institute). Event organized by ASU CSEL

March 20th: Meeting with Charlie Kirk. Event organized by TP USA.

March 21st: Luncheon with Professor David Schmidtz. Event organized by Institute for Humane Studies


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