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Demolishing the Warren Report with two Images from CBS News

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One of my entertainments, from time to time, has been the Kennedy assassination… John Kennedy's, that is. I'm not particularly a fan of mysteries, but occasionally one of them intrigues me, as this one did.

What I'm going to show you today are two images from a CBS News special report from 1967, created because so many people failed to believe the Warren Commission Report. CBS's images make the Warren Report ridiculous, though I'm quite sure they didn't realize it. So, let's take a look.

The View They Showed You

Most of us are familiar with the shots Oswald was supposed to have fired at Kennedy as he drove away from the School Book Depository on Elm Street. It was a difficult angle, the best parts of it through trees, requiring an especially difficult shooting posture… and with a bad rifle.

Here's an image from the CBS report, showing a marksman attempting to hit a target representing Kennedy as it moved away from him. This was said to be a precise recreation of the scene. This image is from just before what would be "the fatal shot."


Obviously these were difficult shots… and Oswald was not an expert marksman.

The View They Didn't Show You…

Or at least the view they didn't show you intentionally.

Here, also from the 1967 CBS report, is Dan Rather in Oswald's spot at the School Book Depository. I'd like you to look at the left side of the photo, over Rather's right hip. What you're seeing is Houston Street, the street Kennedy's motorcade came down literally seconds before he was shot and killed. It was a straight one-block run, headed directly into Oswald's line of fire. The motorcade drove very slowly down Houston Street (they had to take a hard left turn onto Elm), and there were no obstructions whatsoever, providing a perfect downward angle at JFK. It would have been like shooting fish in a barrel.


Take a look at the two photos again. Forget about killing anyone; which of these two shooting angles would you choose? Which of those two choices would anyone pick?

I should add that Rather's angle is much better for a right-handed shooter like Oswald.

What Does This Mean?

This means that if we want to believe the Warren Commission, we must say that Oswald consciously rejected the perfect angle for his shots – an angle that was literally staring him in the face – and instead chose a terrible angle, with a faster-moving car going away from him rather than toward him, with more obstructions, and from an uncomfortable position.

Again, please look at the photos and ask yourself, "Which angle would someone in that window pick?" I think the answer is obvious… painfully obvious. And if so, it's the Warren Report that gets blown away.

What I'm Not Saying

Please notice that I'm not saying who the shooter or shooters were, who may or may not have put them up to it, or anything of the sort. I'm saying one thing only: that the Warren Commission's story makes no sense. It utterly ignores the perfect shot that anyone in that sixth floor window would have taken.

There is no way Oswald would ignore the perfect angle for this deed – one that would have nearly guaranteed success – and instead choose an extremely difficult angle with a poor chance of success.

Whatever Lee Oswald was, he wasn't a mental defective. Look at the footage of him talking to reporters after the assassination: In the midst of an utterly bizarre and existentially threatening situation, he speaks clearly and coherently.

I think it has been a serious error for people to jump to conclusions on this subject. It's necessary first to deal with the facts we have at hand. Once we're clear on those, we can begin to address the question of "Who did it?"

Along this line, I very much appreciated one of the very first books on the subject, Harold Weisberg's Whitewash, written precisely because the Warren Report was so very bad, and sticking to that subject. First we need to establish that the Warren Commission's Report is malarkey. Then we can have fun finding the villains.

And so, once more, please look at the two photos and ask yourself which angle a functional human being would choose.

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