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The Official Las Vegas Story Lacks Credibility

Written by Subject: False Flag Operations

The Official Las Vegas Story Lacks Credibility

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

An emailer described himself as a competitive high power rifle shooter for the past 20 years, reaching the classification of High Master, the highest level of proficiency.

He explained that what evidence is known about last Sunday's incident suggests it was a "total hoax."

He "doubts there was a live round fired," calling the incident "theater with sound effects." Where are the victims, he asked - Stephen Paddock's corpse the only one shown! Where are the other dead and wounded?

The emailer provided detailed information on the sound of bullets whizzing overhead, saying:

"A supersonic rifle bullet (and according to what the police are

claiming, these were all 'military type' cartridges, which except for

special ops stuff is all supersonic) produces a piercing, whistling,

very sharp crack, at least as loud as the muzzle blast as it passes by you in the pits. (think sonic boom, only much higher pitched and sharper)."

"When it hits the impact berm, if there is one, or anything else solid, there is a pronounced thud. These sounds are very audible."

"You can often tell your target's impacts from the others in the line just by the slight difference in sound volume." 

"In other words, incoming high power rifle bullets vary in sound signature depending on how far you are from them when they pass by. It's always loud, but the close ones are REALLY loud."

"Those sounds are totally missing from ALL of the recordings…In the videos, you can hear the muzzle blast clearly." 

"If those were real high

power rifle bullets arriving all around you, I doubt the muzzle blast would have been audible at all." 

"At the angle the rounds were allegedly fired from, there should be audible thuds of bullets striking the ground. Nothing."

Draw your own conclusion. Much more about the official story lacks credibility, suggesting the incident was a state-sponsored false flag, using Stephen Paddock as a convenient patsy - dead to tell no tales, the usual pattern for these type incidents.

His girlfriend Marilou Danley, a Philippine national, was visiting  her native country at the time of the incident. Now back in America, she expressed shock about what happened.

Here's a statement she made through her lawyer Matt Lombard saying:

"I am devastated by the deaths and injuries that have occurred, and my prayers go out to the victims and their families." 

"I have faith in God, and I will continue to pray for everyone who has been harmed or hurt. I am a mother and a grandmother, and my heart breaks for all who have lost loved ones."

"I knew Stephen Paddock as a kind, caring quiet man. I loved him and hoped for a quiet future together with him." 

"He never said anything to me or took any action that I was aware of that I understood in any way to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen."

"A little more than two weeks ago, Stephen told me that he'd found a cheap ticket for me to the Philippines and he wanted me to take a trip home to see my family." 

"Like all Filipinos abroad, I was excited to go home and see family and friends. While there, he wired me money which he said was for me to buy a house for me and my family." 

"I was grateful, but honestly, I was worried, that first the unexpected trip home, and then the money, was a way of breaking up with me." 

"It never occurred to me that he was planning violence against anyone. I have not made a statement until now because I've been cooperating with the authorities and I voluntarily flew back to America because I know that the FBI and Las Vegas Police Department wanted to talk to me, and I wanted to talk to them. I will cooperate fully in their investigation."

Danley describing Paddock as "a kind, caring quiet man," along with his brother Eric saying he wasn't "an avid gun guy (with) no military background," nothing suggesting he could be prone to violence, makes the official account of what happened appear fabricated.

Claiming he managed to bring an arsenal of high-powered weapons into the Mandalay hotel unnoticed, enough to equip a squad or two of marines, his arms and munitions undetected for three days, alone suggests the official account was falsified to blame him for an incident that may not have been as reported.

As they say, something is rotten in Denmark. The official story lacks credibility, Paddock unable to tell his side.

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