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Here is another outrageous prosecution! by Marc J Victor, Criminal Defense Attorney

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Here is another outrageous prosecution! Tonight, our client Ryan Escochea talks about being prosecuted for acting to stop a potential rape from occurring after a party at his home. Ryan witnessed a naked man on top of an intoxicated half naked female who had earlier rejected the man's repeated advances. When Ryan told the man to get off the non-responsive woman, the man laughed instead. When Ryan pulled him off the non-responsive woman, the man started swinging and a fist fight ensued. Ryan, who was injured in the fight, landed several punches resulting in bone fractures to the potential rapist. The woman later told prosecutors that but for Ryan's actions, she would have been raped. Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery decided Instead of prosecuting the rapist, Ryan should be prosecuted for injuring the would-be rapist. See the complete story, tonight on Channel 15 at 6:30 and 10:00 pm.

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ABC's story, complete with video