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Paul Puey (Co-Founder on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Show

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Hour 3

2014-11-18 Hour 3 Paul Puey (Video Archive):

2014-11-18 Hour 3 Paul Puey from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.


Hour 4 - BONUS

2014-11-18 Hour 4 (BONUS) Paul Puey (Video Archive):

2014-11-18 Hour 4 Paul Puey from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Paul Puey

Co-Founder / CEO of AirBitz

Paul is a proud Electrical Engineering and Computer Science graduate of UC Berkeley with a wide range of technical skills from low-level 3D graphics engineering to development of custom web CMS systems, even before people knew what a CMS was. He held lead engineering positions with Nvidia and Chromatic Research, but most recently owned and operated several non-technical small businesses throughout California. There he learned the importance of the intersection of people, business, and technology. Today, he aims to bring Bitcoin mainstream with software and products aimed at simplifying Bitcoin and making it insanely easy to send and secure this revolutionary currency while maintaining the highest level of privacy. When not converting people to bitcoin you'll likely find him climbing a rock in Joshua Tree or at a local climbing gym.

Airbitz - Wallet Security:

Our Vision

At Airbitz, we aim to bring bitcoin to the next billion users through amazingly simple yet feature rich applications focused on ease of use and ease of security. Our focus is to deliver software, services, and products with an amazing user experience, both visually and functionally, simplifying this advanced technology and delivering it to the masses while still retaining Bitcoin's core principles of decentralization and privacy.



Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet & Business Directory

Introducing the Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet & Business Directory. The world's most user friendly and functionally rich Bitcoin wallet that doesn't skimp on privacy or security. Airbitz includes the following great features:

• Simple account creation using just a login & password (no printing or emailing of PDFs, writing down passphrases, or adding encryption settings)
• Hierarchical Deterministic wallets with changing addresses per transaction
• Multiple wallets per account with simple user defined wallet names (ie. "Vacation Fund")
• Multiple fiat currency support. Assign a fiat currency per wallet.
• User editable transaction meta-data (payee, category, fiat value, & notes)
• Search transactions by payee, category, amount, or notes
• Built-in calculator for easy conversions
• Quick UI to transfer funds between wallets in an account
• Automatic wallet backup and multi-device synchronization
• Decentralized server architecture. Wallets work even if Airbitz servers are down.
• Integration with the Airbitz Business directory to auto-complete business meta data for transactions
• Local client-side encryption (S-Crypt password hashing & AES256 encryption) of all user keys and data
• Zero-knowledge & Zero-access to user funds, keys, or data by Airbitz or 3rd parties
• Open-source release in Q4 of 2014


Airbitz Bitcoin Over BLE Bluetooth Low Energy

Airbitz Bitcoin wallet demonstrating how to send and receive Bitcoins over bluetooth low energy.


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