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We Have Met the Enemy & It's DHS

Written by Subject: False Flag Operations

In the first hour, popular guest, Susanne Posel, returns to THE COMMON SENSE SHOW with DAVE HODGES as she discusses evidence that she's uncovered which is highly suggestive of fact that Homeland Security is preparing to launch a massive false flag attack as evidenced by their large purchase a very explosive nitrates which was used in the Oklahoma City bombing. Interestingly, DHS has scrubbed the evidence of this purchase from the Internet. Posel also links this massive DHS nitrate purchase to a coming" Bank Holiday" which will be used to devalue the American dollar and to roll out a draconian form of martial. Posel believes that she uncovered call the globalist bankers will coordinate these events.

In the second hour, Dave and Annie Di Riso will be joined by the highly respected journalist, Jon Rappaport, as they discuss why the average American is 6200 times more likely to be murdered by their doctor than they are to be killed by a gun. Rappaport will also be discussing the medical and research fraud that permeates Big Pharma as they introduce a whole host of new drugs to a largely unsuspecting American population.

In a new feature of the Common Sense Show, we will be featuring average, everyday type citizens who are making a difference in fighting against Agenda 21 policies in their community. In the third hour of the show, Dave and Annie will be joined by anti-Agenda 21 activist, Virginia Farver, in which she describes her attempts to eradicate the Agenda 21/ICLEI invasion of Ft. Collins, Colorado, currently a stronghold for insanely fanatical Agenda 21 policies. Farver will also be presenting information of how the military and the Agenda 21 Smart Grid are combining forces to not only to spy on the American people, but, in a disturbing development, are placing these electromagnetic devices outside college residence halls at institutions such as San Diego State University. Dave will also be reporting on a dramatic development in the Stacy Lynne child abduction case in which the corrupt legal apparatus in Fort Collins removed Lynne's son for her anti-Agenda 21 political activities in Larimer County (Fort Collins), Colorado. And they did so, without so much as an allegation of parental wrongdoing.




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