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Libertopia 2011 in Pictures (6:00 PM Sunday)

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Butler Shaffer

Richard Boddie

Ernest Hancock and Stefan Molyneux
Ernest Hancock and Stefan Molyneux
Sky Conway (Libertopia)
Shelton - Donna - Erin - Alma - Nick - Brian
Pin Ups for Ron Paul Calendars
'Pirate Flags' Everywhere in the Marina
Marina (Stage on right side)
Marc Stevens
Larkin Rose
Karen DelValleySilver
Halina - Phoenix
Stephanie - Avante - Teresa > "The Fr33Aid 3"
Angela Keaton - Stephanie Murphy - Monica Gaither
Erin - CopBlock
Tarrin Lupo & Angela Keaton
Alma - Marc Stevens - Nick,  Friday night Chilaxing

Stephanie Murphy - FR33Aid
Scott Beiser (eZine Cover illustrator)
Ross Edwards Silver Dime Exchange
Ross Edwards
Renee Houlihan
Gary & Verda Gagnon
The FreedomsPhoenix / CopBlock 'compound'
DVD Duplicator
Drew's Activist Speech
Drew Phillips
Donna Hancock
(Now you know where the FreedomsPhoenix woman came from :)

Donna Hancock

Tarrin Lupo


Baby LOV3

Angela Keaton -

Shelton 4409 - You Don't Count - Neither Do They
Shelton 4409
Teresa Warmke - FR33Aid
FreedomsPhoenix & CopBlock Booth At Libertopia 2011

Alma Sommer
Butler Shaffer

George Sand - CopBlock

Gary Gagnon

Avante - FR33Aid

Nick - CopBlock Podcast

Traci Victor

Marc Victor

Mike Wasdin

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Comment by Psychictaxi
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 Can we get a visual representation of the attendant crowd?  We see more people speaking and manning tables than anything else.  How many people have shown up to see everything minus the people working tables and the speakers?  Are they local San Diego folk?  Just curious.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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We make them at FreedomsPhoenix' Workshop. $15 donation incl. shipping. Just email me with sizes and quantity. After the first one it goes down to $10 each.

 4 silver Dimes will get you one - Subscribe to the Magazine and get one - It's an Agorist thing, give me the incentive to send you one and I'm all over it :)



Comment by Ryan Gauger
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Where can I get one of those "You Don't Count - Neither Do They" shirts?  Not seeing them on 4409's site...

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