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Police Accountability Report - Episode 38 - Michael Allison Special Report

Written by Subject: Police State
Early last month, Cop Block covered the horrible charges that Michael Allison is facing (read the in depth coverage here), but since the podcast reaches a different audience, I thought it would be a good idea to get Michael's story to as many ears as possible. Listen to the podcast below, and if you feel so inclined, contact Tom Wiseman, the Crawford Co. state attorney that is pursuing these charges... 5 counts of felony eavesdropping that could put Mr. Allison behind bars for 75 years, basically a life sentence for this middle aged man.
Tom Wiseman
Crawford County Courthouse
105 Douglas St.
Robinson, IL 62454
phone: 618.546.1505
fax: 618.544.4912
Special thanks to YouTube user MikeHansonArchives for compiling all of the NBC 2 news clips in one easy place that made this podcast possible. You can watch the full 15 minutes of coverage here.
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