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Tea Party Events from the eyes of a University Student

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Hoover, AL Tea Party: Tea Party Sarah’s Relatives Get the Crowd’s Curiosity, but anti New World Order Chuck Baldwin Steals the Show.


April 15th 2010

Shane Kelly with

Evan Comeaux


It was tax day in the Birmingham suburb of Hoover, AL.  The local tea party group, the Rainy Day Patriots, put together a superb venue for political hopefuls (no incumbents were invited to speak) and others to get out the message of liberty to the thousand or so disenfranchised voters, heavily represented not by the young people of the Ron Paul revolution, but by their grandparents, the 60+ crowd.  Everyone was there to see the key-note speaker, or should I say speakers, Chuck Heath and Chuck Heath Jr.  Who dat?  Don’t know? Haven’t you been following the patriot movement?  They are the Father and Brother of the former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.   

I was shocked that the Heath’s were invited, flown, and paid I presume to speak at the rally.  Since when are politicians’ unheard of relatives relevant to political discourse?  About as relevant as reality TV “stars”. 

It was, however, relieving to have the Heaths there.  They confirmed something I had long suspected; Sarah Palin is an ambitious woman who will do anything to get elected.  Sarah Palin is not an evil woman, but she is ignorantly Machiavellian.  She is controlled by her handlers, and that is ok to her because the ends, her election to higher political office and power, justifies the means, spouting neo-con talking points (she believes in global warming now, just like Glenn Beck), and taking over tea parties on the ‘Freedom Express’.   

Her Father, not one to speak politically I imagine, painted a character portrait of the lovely Palin.  He recounted how Sarah, not always the most gifted athlete would work countless hours at whatever skill she needed to become successful.  He told the crowd about a crabbing accident where Sarah broke thee fingers, smashed between two boats.  The high-schooler Sarah told her father to continue with the crab delivery and they would take care of her fingers later.  I have no doubt these stories are true.  Chuck Heath seems like a very down to earth man, a man that loves his daughter very much.  He was not there to lie to the crowd.  But undercutting all these stories of the legendary Sarah I got the feeling that what he was really saying was, “my daughter is ambitious.”  She is, just look at her go!  I must admit to feeling sorry for Mr. Heath, that the neo-con agenda is using his daughter for its own ends.   

But what about the other Chuck?  Chuck Baldwin, the 2008 Constitution Party Presidential nominee?  He spoke only an hour before the Heath’s but he did not elicit any curiosity.  In fact no one there really knew who he was and he is not related to any Governors, Senators, or Representatives.  No one approached closer when he was about to speak, there wasn’t that extra bit of anticipatory energy you feel when something excellent is about to happen.  But speak he did.  Dr. Baldwin, a preacher for over a quarter of a century, immediately gripped the aging religious/conservative crowd by telling an anecdote about how many people tell him that if we only elect more Christians to office we could get our Republic back.  He said, when he hires a plumber to fix his pipes, he doesn’t ask the man if he is a Christian or not, but he expects the man to fulfill his contract to complete the work, just as he will fulfill his contract to pay the man.  In the same sense everyone who runs for political office says they are Christian (at least when election time comes around).  So we need politicians, not who claim to be the most Christian, but who meet their end of the contract to strictly adhere to the US Constitution.  

He also said, and I’m paraphrasing, ‘if the pastors of this country would speak the Truth about things, then the people would wake up and we could take our Republic back. If they would say "So Sayeth the Lord" and "So Sayeth the Constitution of the United States of America" and speak out against the New World Order, and stop playing into the government's hand.’ He said that ‘it doesn't matter which party the most powerful politicians are in, because they're all globalists. They care about international interests, not the interests of you and me here in Alabama. They want to empower the UN, create some form of North American Union, and sacrifice our National Sovereignty. We need to get out of the UN and say we will not be a part of their New World Order.’  

At this point, I think, the crowd erupted into a spontaneous USA…USA…USA chant!  Everyone was on their feet.  This was the message that the people came to see.  Not shilling for Sarah, but the calling out of the political group that is collectively enslaving our country.  The old folks there that may be the last of us to remember what freedom actually felt like, or perhaps they heard about it from their own grandparents, were basking in the substance of this man who had the audacity, the courage, to tell the truth.  Tea-Party Sarah may be picking up steam on FOX news, and elsewhere, but the people here in Hoover, AL at least were not distracted this time and recognized real liberty when it was presented to them.  Other than seeing Ron Paul call out the CIA in Atlanta, this was my proudest moment as an activist.  Baldwin also stated that as president there would not have been any banker bailouts, that they would be arrested, tried, and thrown in jail. Also, he would have appointed Ron Paul as Secretary of the Treasury (to great applause).

On a side note, Campaign for Liberty, Ron Paul’s Political Action Committee, was there collecting signatures with the hope of persuading Alabama Senator Shelby to push (S.604), the Senate version of Ron Paul’s audit the fed bill, out of committee. He hasn't co-sponsored S. 604, rather he's working with Chris Dodd on the Financial Regulation superbill. It's clear Shelby is working for the banks and not for us, so we will hand deliver 250+ signed petitions to his office in Birmingham, AL.  We also gave out about 250 copies of “The Obama Deception”, “America-Freedom to Fascism”, and “For Liberty” courtesy of Ernest Hancock, Donna Hancock, and  A big thanks to them!

Final Thoughts on the Hoover, AL tax day tea party:  I was extremely disappointed by the turnout.  One-thousand people, perhaps 5-10% in the 18-30 age bracket on a gorgeous spring day in the park.  Where are all the patriots at?  In a way this doesn’t surprise me.  It seems that half my friends (21-30) acquiesce to or at the very least are sympathetic to the collectivist cause.  The other half…they are complacent for now, its just not a big deal right now.  And, can’t we find more than one-thousand people in the Birmingham area that detest big government taxes?  Every cloud, silver lining.  Our group did meet some young activists at the tea party, we are very encouraged to help develop their voices.  Also, I can’t tell you how happy I was to see all the older folks there fighting for all the rest that could not be there either for apathy or ignorance.  Liberty will prevail.