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Tasered/Beaten Pastor on Trial for His Beliefs and Preaching?!?!?!

Written by Subject: Steven Anderson - Checkpoint Arrest
Pastor Anderson is on trial next week for 2 misdemeanors: failure to obey an officer's order and obstructing a public highway. There will be a hearing on the constitutionality of the border patrol checkpoint on Wednesday, Dec 16, and there will be a 2 day jury trial on Thursday and Friday, Dec 17 and 18. The trial is open to the public and is being held in Yuma, AZ.

The prosecutor is trying to enter Pastor Anderson's sermons as evidence against him (?!). Sermons like "Gender Identity," preached only a few weeks ago and having nothing to do with this incident. Also his YouTube video entitled "911 was an Inside Job" along with many others.

Isn't this a free country? Do my Biblical and political opinions make me a criminal? What is happening to America?

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Comment by John Petrie
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Pastor Steven is a severely mentally ill right wing crazy. By the way, this clown has fathered ten children. What a one-man disaster.

Comment by Jessa J
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Beaten for his preaching?  Yeah right.  He wasn't beaten for his preaching, he was beaten because he's a jerk who thinks he's above the law!.   

Comment by Steve Herbert
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This poor excuse for a minister got exactly what he deserved and exactly what he was looking for.  He forced the issue and forced the response he got.  There are plenty of peaceful ways for him to protest and he chose none of them.  What kind of Christian does that make him?  I don't think Jesus is very happy with him.

Comment by Georgia Row
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Comment by David Moorhouse
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I applaud you standing up for your constitutional rights.  The border security must have felt upset that they couldn't successfully challenge your arguments so they took it out on you physically.  Hopefully you can get some compensation in court.  I appreciate your antipathy toward Obama because of his pro abortion stance, and your desire to protect the unborn from death.  Too bad that for 8 years Bush didn't put his money where his mouth was and attempt to pass anti-abortion measures, but instead chose killing our young men in war overseas.  Of course our representatives and senators share in the blame as well.  Can anybody say Constitution Party?  Independent Party?  Any party but the republican or democrat parties?

Comment by Lois Davidson
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I pray for Pastor Anderson's case dismissal. The enemy within this nation has rewritten our Constitution to their bidding. We must get back to our original Constitution. May God help Pastor Anderson through this trial.
Comment by Ronald Johnson
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 What time do the Kangaroo's get there?

Comment by Georgeanne Vasquez
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I bind the accuser of the brethren in Pastor Anderson's case, and release warring angels to fight on his behalf for justice. Satan take your hands off my brother in Christ, you have no authority in this matter as he is of the Most High God, in Jesus' name. Pastor our intercessors will be doing warfare for you in this matter. Godspeed. In Jesus.